Getting Ready for A Getaway to the Tropics

Posted by on January 3, 2015

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Living in the tropics might not be something you are used to. So here are some tips to help you keep up with your love for the tropical beaches.

Be sure to bring flip-flops.

This may seem given when you go to the beach but this is really something that must be emphasized. Flip-flops are needed in tropical places as much as boots in countries with winters. With these, you can roam or cruise around the town conveniently. Be sure you choose something that will not easily break and which would be comfortable on your feet.


Talcum powder would be your lifesaver.

This is one of the greatest tricks in this kind of travels. This works as an excellent drier because of the distinct quality of talc. This could be good in drying out your trunk, armpits and neck which can get sweaty in the hot and moist climate.


Bring the right sundress.

Being dressed appropriately will actually do you good. If you bring something warm, then you would just feel uncomfortable. Use sundresses which are light and something which the breeze can go through easily. Also, pick something you can easily toss and put into after you went on a dip.


Shorts are better if they come in elastic bands.

Gartered waist bands may sound weird to you but this kind is the most popular in the tropics. As you can observe, the tropical climate will make your skin soak up and will lead to bloating. Using these shorts would be more convenient as they can be easily worn and taken off. They are also lighter and can be easily paired with your flip-flops.

Use sunglasses and have an extra pair too.

Sunglasses would be your best friend in protecting your eyes from drying out. In these places, you would feel that the sun scorches more because of the warm breeze being blown. This would also keep your eyes from glare.

Take note of these guides and you’ll have more fun visiting the tropics.


Photos by: Chewy ChuaAustin KirkGavin Golden and sayapapaya1028

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