Geneva Curiosities and attractions

Posted by on August 8, 2013

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Everyone knows that Switzerland is the country of banks but few know that in Geneva there is another type of bank that also holds the Guinness World Record title as the world’s longest bench. In addition to allow anyone who wishes to sit it is a magnificent place for a stopover as it is located in a large park very close to the center and from where you can admire wonderful views.

World's Longest Bench

World’s Longest Bench

Do not believe that you are in St. Petersburg though it seems like it. The golden domes are unmistakable, it is the Russian Orthodox Church. An architecture that stands out from the typical Swiss building and showing the weight of the Russian community there in Switzerland. As if you were in a fairy tale is how you will feel when in this forest. So this forest of Geneva has natural elements that seem taken from the story of Alice in Wonderland. If you are lovers of landscape photography, this forest will be a heaven.

Russian Orthodox Church

Russian Orthodox Church

The chair with three legs is next. Its name comes from the headquarters of UN and is surrounded by other important buildings for the city and for Switzerland such as The World Health Organization, International Labour Organization and the World Intellectual Property. Its main monument is a huge three legged chair in the center of the square representing the opposition to war and the damage caused by landmines.

Three legged Chair monument

Three legged Chair monument

The smurf village or actually its real name is Les Grottes. A neighborhood that became the refuge of artists and bohemians. The curves and colors of the buildings have an Air Gaudí. Finally of course, we cannot stop talking about the symbol of Geneva, Jet D’eau, the source with the highest water jet, 140 meters high which is in the middle of Lake Lehman. It’s great to enjoy a sunny day with this place and taking a walk becomes a treat of Switzerland and is a way to symbolize purity in this city.

Smurf Village

Smurf Village

Jet d'eau, Geneva

Jet d’eau, Geneva

Geneva photos: Dr. Norbert, Michael Renner, Eye of Silva, munksynz, Emily Bradford.

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