Forget Rome: 3 Often Forgotten Italian Cities You Must Visit

Posted by on March 21, 2015

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When you think of Italy, you think of the many splendors seen in Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice. Those aforementioned cities have inspired everything from books to movies. Then again, there’s so much more to Italy than those four cities combined. So, if you’re planning an Italian escapade sometime soon, think about sneaking a day or two to visit these often forgotten cities:



Known as the birthplace of St Francis, the patron saint of Italy, this city is built in a hilly region of Umbria. For quite a number of years, visitors have flocked to this city to catch a glimpse of the Basilica of San Francesco, which is the burial site of St Francis.

Other than that, Assisi is also famed for its medieval architecture, as well as her cobblestone streets and piazzas that offer wonderful views of valleys and hills. It’s also easy to get to from Rome and makes a wonderful Sunday trip when most of the stores in the Italian capital are closed.


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