Flexible Job Paves the Way for More Traveling Opportunities

Posted by on February 3, 2015

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Traveling has never been so easy with the advent of modern transportation – safer rides, cheaper fares, and more scheduled trips. Nearly everyone likes to travel but their job usually gets in the way to realizing their dream. Well, it’s high time to drop those travel-restrictive positions and get a more flexible one. Thanks to the Internet and Virtual Private Network, telecommuting and working from home (or practically anywhere) is possible.


Before, workers have to file for a vacation leave before they can make time for travel. And this leave generally don’t last very long, just a couple of days. But today, it’s possible to book a flight at any given time to any given place as travel becomes an integral part of work as in the case of travel agents.

As far as those working from home or freelancers are concerned, they can always speed up the completion of job or delay getting a job order in order to free time for an out of town or out of country trip. These freelancers or online contractors can also continue working while in transit or while staying at a resort, as long as they remain wired to the Internet and in contact with clients.


For telecommuters, it may not be as easy to travel as in the case of freelancers because they are still bound to office hours and must remain connected to the company’s VPN during work hours. However, they may still travel and visit places with strong and reliable Internet connection to avoid work disruption.


Flexible work hours allow for employees to finish their duties the soonest possible time without compromising quality of output, and by doing so, they can make more time for things that matter to them such as traveling. It’s not surprising to find travelers with their electronic gadgets in tow, including cameras, laptops and notebooks. These portable and handy tools allow the modern-day traveler to continue working and earning money while traveling. Flexible job allows one to hit two birds with one stone – work and travel at the same time.


Photos by: Matej Duzelmarkus spiske, and Ed Yourdon

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