Exploring The Culinary Backstreets

Posted by on October 3, 2016

One of the biggest parts of traveling and exploring new cultures is getting to know and tasting each places unique cuisine. However, even within a single city there are many different variations among traditional food recipes. Exploring, tasting and reviewing these is what Culinary Backstreets does.


Culinary Backstreets is a blog that focuses on stories about the family-run restaurants and traditional dishes of different countries around the world. When making a trip to a foreign country it’s sometimes hard to find these local restaurants because they usually off the beaten tracks which tourists usually prefer.


Thanks to Culinary Backstreet you can find out about many different countries’ local cuisine, as well as where to find these places where you can try genuine home-made traditional food.


With their restaurant reviews, you can also go through foodie tours on your future trips. Not only will you know where to go, but you’ll also know what kind of place it is and all that will be left is to taste for yourself and enjoy your holiday, without worrying about missing something as far as native dishes go.


You’ll discover flavors that you didn’t know existed and each week there’ll be something new to look forward to!

Drop by Culinary Backstreets to find out more!

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