Explore Durban: 10 Things to do in the City of Sun

Posted by on August 22, 2019

To plan a holiday to South Africa is really exciting; there is just so many beautiful places to visit and so much to do. One of the favourite cities to visit along South Africa’s coast is Durban, located in the Province of KwaZulu Natal. Durban has so much to offer and is well known amongst surfers because of its beautiful beaches and perfect swell and its ideal weather almost all year round. But let’s not forget the majestic mountains of the Drakensberg, the tallest range in Southern Africa, as well as the amazing game reserves.


  • Enjoy an African safari

Africa is known for its safaris and most of the provinces have a few to choose from, Durban is no exception and will not disappoint. The Big Five, namely, leopard, rhino, buffalo, lion and elephant is always a drawing card to any visitor, you can find these beautiful wild animals at many different parks throughout Durban, but we highly recommend Thanda Safari. This is one of the few exclusive, private game reserves in KZN which provides visitors with breathtaking sights and experiences complete with the five star luxury one would expect from an African safari. Another plus is that it’s never overcrowded unlike some of the tourist hotspot game reserves.

  • Visit uShaka Marine World

uShaka Marine World is the largest marine theme park in Africa. A visit to uShaka Marine World is a must when visiting Durban as there is just so much to do for the entire family. Plan a full day of exciting adventures and believe it or not, you can even do your shopping while the children keep themselves busy in the amusement park – the park truly caters for everyone. Here you can experience indoor and outdoor saltwater aquariums which are both entertaining and highly educational. You will get to see beautiful sea creatures such as seals, penguins, dolphins and more right up close. The water park has some amazing rides, some more daring than others, however, not all are ideal for smaller kids, but you’re sure to find plenty that is.

  • Visit the gorgeous beaches

Durban is known for its gorgeous beaches and is very popular amongst surfers wanting to take advantage of the swell where their skills can get tested to the maximum. The gorgeous stretch of Indian Ocean on the KwaZulu Natal and Durban subtropical coastline, is approximately 600km of warm ocean water which is home to a large group of stunning tropical fish and coral reefs in colours you can’t even imagine. To name a few favourite beaches, there is: Marina, Ramsgate, Black Rock, Margate, Willard, Southbroom and many more, these beaches are all safe for the whole family to go and enjoy the day picnicking, relaxing and taking in the surrounding beauty. With the almost perfect weather all year round, including the winter months, makes Durban a dream holiday destination.

  • Eat the best curry in South Africa

You just have to mention that you are going to Durban and everyone who has been or knows a little about Durban will immediately suggest that you try the Durban curries and rotis, they are known to have the best curries in Africa, ranging from mild to extremely strong. Durban has the second largest Indian population in the world outside of India, making it the ideal place to feast on authentic Indian cuisine. Trying the curries in Durban is an essential part of a true Durban experience, it has been said, if you have not had Durban curry while in Durban, then you were never really there. You will find restaurants all over Durban offering curry on their menu, so you really don’t have to venture off very far from where you are staying.


  • Visit the Botanical Gardens

In the middle of Berea, Durban, you will find The Durban Botanical Gardens which is situated on the east coast of KwaZulu Natal. In 1849 this beautiful fifteen-hectare botanical garden was created and today the province prides itself with the understanding that it is Africa’s oldest surviving botanical garden. The garden has a large collection of orchids in all colours and sizes, cycads and palm trees of all shapes and sizes that simply captivates you with their individual beauty. This botanical garden educates everyone, young and old to have a better knowledge and understanding of all types of plants, from those that we just find joy in its beauty to plants that help nourish, feed and clothe us.

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