Edinburgh: the perfect stopover destination?

Posted by on May 13, 2015

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Capital cities are like rich chocolate cakes – no matter how many sights you devour, there’s always more goodness on the horizon. It’s a fantastic analogy for Edinburgh, the Scottish capital with more arts programming than you can shake a paintbrush at.

While you can munch on shortbread, visit its infamous castle and buy more kilts than the costume director of Braveheart, moving past the veneer of tourism will reveal a hip culture waiting to be enjoyed.

If you’re in the city for an Edinburgh Airport short stay, let the experts park your car, ride the tram into the city centre and try a few of these fantastic locations.


Edinburgh Castle


The Hub, seen from Edinburgh Castle

The Hub, seen from Edinburgh Castle

Voodoo Rooms

Just five minutes from Edinburgh’s bus station, the Voodoo Rooms is a prime bar and restaurant that offers quality service and a masterclass in interior design. Located in a former ballroom, the grandeur of the décor makes you feel as though Gatsby should be lurking at some far off table.

Under the glamour is a vast array of drinks and cocktails ready in a few minutes. And just wait for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Voodoo Rooms has shows on every day, and for absolutely free.

Shop till you drop

Princes Street has a huge range of mainstream shops, but if you want to capture the essence of cool, head over to the Grassmarket area. There you’ll find vintage boutiques, old and stuffy bookshops and hear the great tale of Greyfriar’s Bobby.

That’s really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Edinburgh’s shopping supremacy. Hunt around during your stopover and you’ll be sure to find a possession you’ll treasure.

The sounds of Edinburgh

There’s more to the Edinburgh music scene than busking bagpipers – head to the right locations and you could enjoy regular helpings of free music.

Whistle Binkies, located just off the Royal Mile, is a well-known bar that prides itself on playing live music well into the wee small hours. Whether it’s a covers band or the next big thing, you’ll catch them first at Whistle Binkies.

If you fancy some retail therapy with your music, check out Voxbox, a record shop that regularly hosts live acoustic acts. Located in the Stockbridge area, its unique selection of records will leave all you vinyl junkies frothing at the mouth.

Brew Lab

You don’t have much time and all you want is cup of coffee. Then why not try the finest brew to be found in Edinburgh?

Brew Lab is a coffee store that’s a step above the chain stores pervading the city centre, and it’s no manky greasy spoon. Instead, it prides itself on perfecting the science behind a great cup of Jo.

No matter what you do in Edinburgh, don’t enjoy it too much – you might end up missing your flight!

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