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Posted by on March 14, 2013

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Everyone knows how tiring flying can be, with queues in the airport, cramped conditions and unsociable flight times all making you feel even worse! Being comfortable on a flight is essential, though fashionistas will be keen to keep their sense of style too. There are certain items of clothing which even the most stylish should never turn up at the airport in, as although these may look good when out and about, they are not airtravel-friendly! Stylistas take note, and choose our alternatives instead for comfortable and trendy travel.



Skinny jeans

A nightmare for any kind of long-distance travel! Swollen ankles are a side-effect of airtravel which many of us suffer from and this can be made even more incomfortable by wearing skinny jeans. Even slightly elasticated skinnies restrict movement, so definitely do not turn up at the airport in your fave pair.


Lightweight trousers are ideal for travel, and many baggier styles are making a comeback this year. Harem trousers may have been big last year, though this summer they have been replaced by more elegant shapes. Tapered trousers and cigarette pants create a more flattering silhouette, though are still roomy enough to allow for comfortable travel. Go for thin fabrics in bold prints: you are bound to get creases in clothing whilst on a long-distance flight, and a patterned fabric will help disguise unsightly folds!


Shiny airport floors and narrow aisles in aeroplanes are the worst kind of terrain for high-heeled shoes. Slips and trips can easily happen in heels and, if you injure yourself just before jetting off, your holiday could easily be ruined. Heels may be a fashion yes for your holiday, but prior to departure make sure these are packed away in your case.


Go for ballet pumps, which are flat and easy to walk in and look cute too. Open styles allow air to your feet, which can help you cool down on a stuffy plane, so you may want to try a strappy or peep-toe pair. Make a style statement with ballet pumps by choosing a unique brand like Iron Fist. Their eye-catching pumps are available in popping brights and patterns, which are sure to get you noticed.

Chunky jewellery

Chunky and heavy metal jewellery is a no-no for air travel: not only will you set off those metal detectors, but chunky pieces can dig into your skin and rub if sitting on a plane for hours.


Go low-key with jewellery and let your clothes do the talking instead. A simple pair of studs will go with any outfit and shouldn’t cause any problems with metal detectors. The tribal trend is set to storm the high street this year, so if you can’t go without jewellery choose a comfortable fabric bracelet with beaded detail, showcasing tribal chic.

Take note of these top three airport fashion faux pas, and choose our easy alternatives for comfortable and on-trend travel. Happy holidays!

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