Different Types Of Technology Found In Hotels

Posted by on December 19, 2012

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Back in the good old days hotel rooms used to impress with their furnishings. Luxurious beds, soft fluffy towels which tested your morals and bathrooms that you could only dream of having in your own home. In recent years, the rest of the world caught up. The bathroom suite in your home was readily upgraded to be on a par with, if not superior to your old favourite hotel, your bed was probably larger and your TV in your living room was better. Hotels needed to raise the bar again and play catch up.

High Tech Hotel

High Tech Hotel

Hotel technology has always been an interesting subject, even before the progression and incorporation of information technology services into hotel rooms. In the past, we’ve had the introduction of dumbwaiters for convenient transport of food and goods between floors, heated towel rails, heated mirrors (to prevent them steaming up and disrupting your morning shave) and bathroom extractor fans were all first used extensively in hotel bathrooms, ice machines, air conditioning, colour televisions, quiet miniature fridges for mini-bar services, all of these ubiquitous services which used to be the making of a five star hotel are now minimum expectations for most hotel patrons that don’t even turn the eye. Nowadays, hotels need to be at the forefront of IT technology to meet the younger generation’s minimum expectations. But what services are on offer?

Guest Wi-Fi

Imagine the bandwidth of the internet you use in your family home. If you have children and you work from home in the evenings, the internet can be a heavily used service. Xboxes and PlayStations, smart phones, tablets and laptops, even TVs can all utilise the precious bandwidth of your internet connection to provide services such as live streaming and media downloads. Hotels have had to face this issue but magnified ten-fold. With most major hotel chains having at least 100 rooms, that’s an awful lot of bandwidth needed for the guest Wi-Fi for hotel guests bringing their own devices.


No longer can hotels justify having old Cathode Ray Tube television sets, flat screen LCDs or plasma TVs are a must for today’s hotel guests. But unfortunately for hotel chains, that’s not all. In recent years TVs have made the progression to being internet ready. Therefore services such as social media sites, You Tube and live streaming, as well as movies on demand with providers such as Love Film and Netflix are all expected to be available through their hotel TV also. Hotels need to source TVs which are up to the task such as Philips hotel tv sets and other popular brands.

But what does the future hold? If internet TVs and IT services are holding such importance, what can hotels do now to future proof their services? With the majority of technology all relying on an all-important fast internet connection, hotels need to start increasing the size and quality of their inbound internet connections. 1 GB/s fibre broadband is the minimum to truly future proof your hotel’s technological hotel infrastructure.

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