Day Use Hotel Concept Explained

Posted by on March 20, 2019

Once someone asked a hotel owner: Why can you not choose the time of entry into a hotel? It was one of those uncomfortable but inspiring questions, in which the answer extends and makes an idea begin to take shape.

That idea materialized later in the form of Day Use hotels such as Day Break Hotels, that intend to knock down one of the most established precepts in the hotel world: that of extended stays. Because although you need to spend just a few hours in a hotel room, you must pay for the full stay and you can not even choose the time of entry. Until now that is.

Although in some hotels near airports it is possible to book short stays, the novelty goes through the arrival of this modality to category hotels in large cities. And although in many of them there is the possibility of spending the day to enjoy additional services such as the pool, spa or gym, until now, with some exceptions, it was not possible to access a room to take a short break.

That is why the stays of 3, 6 and 12 hours are a trend in cities full of rooms that spend a large part of the day empty. Without guests and with a place to spare, many hotels began to relax the maxim that says that the room is accessed after noon and left before 12 the next day. And you have to pay the full rate, even if you do not get to spend the night there. In most major cities nowadays you can find Day Use hotels that have been growing at a sustained pace and with very positive perspectives.

Beyond the platforms, what several hotels offer is a mode that goes from 11 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. In this time space, you can access the hotel using a room and the services offered by the hotel cost 70% less than the normal rate. The establishment is useful because in a hotel there are many downtimes and it is about getting the maximum return from each square meter. And to the clients also because there are people who want to know hotels and have a pleasant experience in a modern and well-placed environment, but do not want to stay to sleep. It is used mostly by couples or passengers in transit.

But, despite the advantages of Day Use, people still have not fully adopted them. Why? Some believe that it’s due to ignorance, few know that this possibility even exists!

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