Creative Ways Older Americans Can Travel for Less

Posted by on August 13, 2015

Older Americans or retirees can travel for less. All they need is to be creative enough to try out any one of these budget travel methods.

Home Exchanges

Home exchange or home swap is one way of making travel affordable. Simply arrange to switch homes with someone at your preferred travel destination, and the two of you can temporarily take charge of each other’s dwelling over the course of your vacation. If you own more than one home, you can do non-simultaneous home exchange. Alternately, you need not vacate your home entirely, but simply join hospitality exchange and take turns being guests at each other’s home with a partner traveler.


Home Rentals

Hotels, inns, and resorts commonly charge hefty overnight stays, not to mention the cost of serviced meals. With home rentals, American retirees can extend their travel budget by renting a local home. For a cheaper price, they can opt for DIY meal preparations when they want to, and even visit the local market for some fresh produce. They can also arrange to do the housekeeping to keep charges at a minimum.

Renting or Buying Mobile Homes


For local travel, older vacationers may rent or purchase their own recreational vehicle. These camper vans are mobile, complete with basic amenities for a comfortable stay. This is perhaps the best way to see the countryside and other parts of the country by land, making necessary stops for some picturesque views and for restocking supplies.


When retirees still have the energy to do some work in exchange for an experience of a lifetime, pocket-friendly accommodations and special passes, then volunteering is the way to go. Old folks simply need to sign up at any volunteering organization, lend their skill and time in lieu of travel discounts. The best way is to sign up as volunteers for the federal government.


Expat Living

Living as expatriates or expats can be a good way to travel overseas without going bankrupt. Expats normally find jobs at their local destinations and stay there for an extended period enough to adapt to the local culture and environment. US expats can easily find jobs as English teachers or tutors where language lessons are highly in demand.


These are just some of the creative ways older American citizens can trim down their travel budget costs without compromising their vacation.

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