Childrens Summer Wishlist

Posted by on May 21, 2013

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The British summer is far from predictable, so children’s clothes must be suitable for whatever the weather has in store for us. Although lightweight t-shirts and shorts make it easier and more comfortable for kids to get dressed in the morning, waterproof layers and warmer clothing should never be far away! Head to the shops and re-stock your child’s wardrobe in time for the summer, with a mix of on-trend pieces and practical essentials.

Baby clothes

Comfy and cosy

Being cosy may not strike you as a number one concern in the summer months, but evenings can still be chilly and overcast days will call for more than just a t-shirt and shorts. A tracksuit is the ideal two-piece outfit which is the ultimate in comfort and allows sporty kids to run about without feeling restricted. Girls and boys designer tracksuits are available in a lot of childrenswear shops in a huge variety of colours and designs.

However, some of lower-end offerings can look cheap and will probably not last as long as high-end outfits. If you fancy spoiling your little one, why not choose a designer tracksuit which looks trendy and is durable too. Designers like Ralph Lauren and Lacoste have branches out into kids clothing and produce some of the coolest tracksuits around.

Suitable footwear

Wearing trainers in the summer can result in feet overheating and children feeling irritable as a result. Look instead for sandals which allow air to the feet. Some of the most practical sandals for summer are unisex pairs, with robust plastic soles. Velcro strap fastenings mean that kids can take these on and off without their parents help.

However, sandals don’t cut it for those wet and windy summer days. Rather than attempting to take the kids out in trainers which will quickly soak through, buy a pair of wellies for their summer wardrobe. Go for summer brights – yellow, pink and blue are all more fun than traditional khaki green.


Whatever other additions you make to your kid’s wardrobe, invest in a good hat for your little one! A wide brimmed hat will shield eyes from the sun and keep your child cool from the sun too. Straw hats may look trendy, but can scratch and irritate sensitive skin. Instead, choose a cotton hat in a pale tone which will reflect the sun’s rays. Look for a hat with a neck shield attachment at the back, to protect the exposed strip between your child’s tee shirt and hairline.

Keeping cool

When shopping for any summer staples for your child, avoid man-made fabrics at all costs! These prevent skin from ‘breathing’ and can mean children overheat quickly. Look for t-shirts in thin cotton and trousers made from linen. A cardi will keep children warm in the evenings, and when choosing a summery piece look for a very fine wool knit. This shouldn’t be too scratchy, and the natural fibre offers the best form of insulation.

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