Carnaval de Brasil 2015: Enjoying the World’s Sexiest Festival

Posted by on November 29, 2014

If you’ve been itching to experience Carnival of Brazil way too long, it’s time to scratch that off your list. From today, you have plenty of time to plan your trip to Rio de Janeiro in time for the Carnival, which runs on 2015 February 13 through 2015 February 17, encompassing Valentine’s Day. Nothing could be sexier and more romantic than spending a holiday in Brazil.


What to Expect

Carnival is loaded with entertaining activities including Samba Parades, Rio Carnival Balls and street parties. The 2015 Rio festival begins with the performance of street bands along the beautiful beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema on February 13th. Your days in Rio are sure to be full of surprises, even until the official festival is through. Simply visit Samba School Halls to have firsthand experience of this world-renowned dance.


Where to Stay

You might run out of choices for accommodation as the dates draw near. So be quick and reserve a room as soon as possible. Of course, nothing beats the hospitality of the Copacabana Palace Hotel, the focal point of the Carnival. However, there are lots of accommodation options available for those who book early on. Having friends or relatives willing to accommodate you is better. A local or knowledgeable person as guide helps you to get the most out of the celebration and avoid setbacks.


What to Prepare

First, buy a ticket to Rio in advance. Since this is a widely attended event, everything is in peak price and low in supply. Also, book for a place to stay, which should be close to where all the action happens. Next, prep your costume –- a sequined, colorful dress or bikini and an outrageous headdress are apt, but you can simply wear the most comfortable clothes if you wish. Lastly, prepare to be entertained beyond your imagination not only with Brazilian dances, costumes, music and parades but also with Brazilian food, friendliness, adorable beaches and nearby rainforest. Of course, you shouldn’t go home without visiting the huge Statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Everything in Brazil, particularly in Rio de Janeiro is large-scale. It can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared enough, but if you are, then it can become your most memorable time yet.


Photos by: Prefeitura de OlindaYusuke Kawasaki and Michaël DUCLOUX

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