Beware of Tricky Budget Airlines

Posted by on January 14, 2016

Cheap flights, budget airlines, super discounted tickets – they are great to have, but there’s always a catch somewhere. Today, there’s always a budget flight to your favorite tourist destination and you can’t just fly them all without doing your homework.

  1. Hidden Fees

As you book a flight online, you will go through a series of steps before you finalize your booking. And in many of these steps, the optional charges are ticked “Yes” by default, so be careful. The tricky part is that they are hidden consciously amid all the graphics and texts, written in very small almost unreadable fonts. Before you know it, your budget trip won’t be so budget-friendly after all. Travel Tipsor recommends that you pay close attention to the final checkout page, the one where you actually need to press a button to make a payment. This is where everything that is charged should be listed. If you only see a ticket listed, double check to see if the original plane ticket price is the same as you are asked to pay. If there are multiple items listed, review them and see what you do not need. Go back through the booking steps to see where these were added and remove them.


  1. Grave Charges

Budget airlines impose insanely high charges that if you seek refund, rebook or rename, you may end up paying twice or thrice the original price of the ticket. You pay a hefty fee for reprinting of lost or damaged pass, manual check in, and luggage because budget airlines have very small aircrafts with very small carry-on storage space. Then it becomes nothing like a cheap flight – it’s expensive and the service is so-so.


  1. Optional Add-ons

Travel insurance, onboard meals, and aircraft souvenirs – my, these aren’t necessary but they seem to be a really good way for a budget airline to earn money. Why pay for that travel insurance when you already have your own, and those meals on board are very plain, if it’s a short flight, you don’t need it. Souvenirs? Who would want that unless it’s something for collectors?


Pointers When Booking

  1. Do your booking online and with the airline’s official website to avoid taxes and charges imposed by travel agencies and third-party ticketing stores.
  1. Subscribe to newsletters from your favorite budget airlines to keep you updated with the latest promos and discounts. This is the best way to grab the chance of traveling on a budget.
  1. Plan your trip and stick to your plan. Often, you waste enormous amounts of time and money over changing or cancelling flights. Foresee things because cheap tickets are often booked well in advance.


  1. Avoid getting lost in airports and terminals. When you get lost, you’re going to have to pay extra for fares, transfers and rebookings, which are not acceptable to a budget traveler.

    5. Always pack light and measure the weight of your luggage. Bringing a portable weighing scale is smart, but you can also use the scales provided in most hotels.

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