Best reasons for learning how to sail

Posted by on September 11, 2014

Nowadays our daily lives are hectic and times seems to be lacking, so when it comes to travelling abroad flying is the first option as it gets you to your destination quickly. But let us face it, in the era of budget airlines and package holidays the romance of flying has long gone.

So why not go by sea and sail yourself instead? Used yachts can be purchased for reasonable sums these days, depending on the size and level of comfort you desire. Learning to sail is not that difficult and it can be fun to do. Mastering a new skill like sailing also means meeting new people and testing your limits so it can be a life-changing decision.

Sailing the sea

Sailing the sea

The learning curve is steep as can be attested to this old saying: “Learning to sail takes a weekend, learning to sail well takes a lifetime”.  But realize that many of the skills you acquire for yachting can be used in your daily life. Think of knot-tying as an example, or the ability to recognize and anticipate changes in the weather (useful for deciding if hosting a BBQ is a good idea or not).

Also you will need to rent a berth for your new yacht, advice for this is to make sure you get one as close to your home as possible.  The easier it is to reach the more likely you’ll find the time to learn and spend time on your yacht. You’ve also got an opportunity to join a yacht club where you can get sailing lessons and meet other sailors. They can help you with maintenance issues (if you are not a DIY person already, you will become one).

Another reason for a joining the yacht club, even before you buy a yacht, is that you will get the opportunity to try sailing on different types of yachts. Start by volunteering to be a crew member for anyone going sailing. After a summer of sailing with seasoned sailors you will have a much better idea of which kind of yacht will be suitable for you.

Sailing free

Sailing free

But don’t forget about yacht insurance, this doesn’t have to be expensive and you can decide how much coverage you want.

On a final note, yachting takes time and it’s more about the journey than the destination. Also it’s a good chance to get your family involved in yachting especially the children. It teaches them responsibility and decision-making, gets them frolicking outside whilst learning about the centuries long tradition for promoting fairness, honor and gentlemanly (ladylike) conduct. Buying a small yacht may the best move you will ever make and yachting is a lifelong sport that you can pursue even after you retire. So what are you waiting for?

Sailing photos: Shafeeg, gramps52.

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