Best Castle Hotels in Europe

Posted by on October 24, 2012

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Castle hotels are attractions on their own. Often they are part of a package when you visit the continent. There are a lot of beautiful castle hotels that you can find in Europe. Here are some of them that you may want to visit.

Castle Hotels beauty

Castle beauty

Have you heard about the Glin Castle? This will allow you to experience a good stay because there are great gardens in the place. The gardens are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables at the same time. As a guest, they will allow you to pick them.

Castle Hotels Glin Castle

Glin Castle

Another is the Castle Stuart that is found in Scotland. The average rate to stay in a night will usually be around $614 which is pretty expensive. James Stuart built the castle way back in 1625 and it features a really remarkable countryside view. There are turret rooms, spiral staircases and a great hall. There are also secret doors that are found all over the place.

Castle Hotels Castle Stuart

Castle Stuart

Castle Hotels Castle Stuart air

Castle Stuart aerial view

Are you also familiar with the Thornbury Castle? You can take a good look at this while in England. The usual rate would be $394 for a night stay. You can experience resting at a comfortable pillow of Anne Boleyn. This is possible when you spend the night in the bedchamber of Duke. You may also stay for a night at the room of Henry VIII.

Castle Hotels Thornbury Castle 1

Thornbury Castle

Castle Hotels Thornbury Castle 2

Thornbury Castle garden

Then, there is the place in France called Domaine de la Tortiniere. You can experience a grand tour of the castle when you decide to book a room in this hotel. The place is filled with furniture that is antique and colorful. The facilities, the grounds and the chateau are really beautiful that will allow you to experience nice walks too.

Castle Hotels Domaine de la Tortiniere

Domaine de la Tortiniere

If you are in Scotland, Edinburg, you can stay at Borthwick Castle. The average rate for a night stay would be around $273 which is quite cheaper compared to other castle hotels. Visitors to the place should look forward to the bedchamber as it showcases the pictures and books of Queen that once reigned the country. The people working in the hotel really kept well and they maintain the authenticity of the place. The candlelit halls are also superb. It is like living in a real old castle.

Castle Hotels Borthwick Castle

Borthwick Castle

You will also like the Chateau de Bagnols. This one is found in France. The average rate for a night stay would be a whopping $1,335. For the price, this will already allow you to take a gaze in their royal place. This castle is popular in the Beaujolais-region. Do not miss to see the Castelletto di Montebenichi that can be seen while you are visiting Italy. This is located in Chianti and while you are in the area you can visit vineyards and enjoy tasting wines.

Castle Hotels Chateau de Bagnols 1

Chateau de Bagnols

Castle Hotels Chateau de Bagnols 2

Chateau de Bagnols garden

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