Beautiful windmill hotels in Greece

Posted by on July 17, 2014

How magical would it be to wake up one morning and see through your window an ancient windmill? It is a special experience that the country of Greece can offer generously. For this reason we found the most hospitable windmill hotels of the Greek Polynesia.

Windmill Villas, Santorini

A group of three beautiful, newly built windmills. Located within walking distance from Imerovigli Santorini. They all have romantic terraces with hammocks and sofas, outdoor pools, lovely stone patios with pergolas offering panoramic sea views. Each of the windmill has its own color that characterizes it, there is green, purple and blue. These are the main colors of their internal. The decoration on these transports us discreetly in the French countryside with clear references but with Cycladic aesthetics and architecture of traditional windmills, of course.

Windmill Villas, Santorini

Windmill Villas, Santorini

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