Beautiful Hiking Trails Near London for Beginners

Posted by on April 14, 2015

Tired of seeing the dreary concrete jungle all day? Why not plan a weekend escape, see the scenery, breathe some fresh air and get some exercise? If you are London based, here are some fantastic easy walks for you.


South Downs Way

Start from Winchester to Eastbourne while staying along the coast. Best reasons to visit are the spectacular views and the stunning Seven Sisters cliffs and Beachy Head. Go during Autumn to enjoy the foliage or go during Summer for the wildlife. Pubs and beautiful villages dot the 100 miles trail and are worth a stop or two.


Short and full-day walks can be done along this trail, which can be self-guided or otherwise. If you want assistance, there are several companies and accommodations along the way that are more than happy to help. If you have the time, consider spending a week in the area to truly explore it.

Hastings Circular, East Sussex

The hiking trail is only is only 5.9 miles long and can be explored in under 4 hours. On this walk you’ll be able to stroll through Hastings Old Town and enjoy great coastal views. There might be steep climbs along the way but just take your time. Take more than 4 hours if you have to. The idea here after all is to have a rewarding day.


You can start the trek at Hastings Station, which can be reached by 30-45 minutes train from Charing Cross. Take in the history and beauty of the area as you explore. And don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Chorleywood and Chess Valley in Hertfordshire

About 6-7 miles long, the trail can be done in 2-3 hours (more if you want to take lots of rests for catching your breath or for taking pictures). You’ll be walking through parkland and countryside so go ahead and fully enjoy the atmospheric rural scenery.


Part of the walk will take you through residential roads in Chorleywood, but the town is very leafy that it’s still an enjoyable place to pass through as far as nature walks are concerned. This hiking trail is accessible by 27 minutes train ride from London Marylebone station. Get off at Chorleywood station.

There you go, pack your gear now and get to hiking. Being close to nature will surely do wonders for your stress-laden body.

Photos by: Dan Cook Archived ( OrtegaCharles RoperNick Richards

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