Awesome Trailer Trash Treasures that Make the World a Hip Playground

Posted by on November 15, 2014

When you hear the words “recreational vehicle” or “Airstream”, you imagine a filthy trailer home with owners who look like they haven’t seen a shower in a long time. But nowadays, travel companies have invested in transforming these trash into cool and surprisingly comfortable hotels or motels. This makes a lot of globetrotters who are looking for unique accommodation options very happy.

Here are some of the world’s hippest trailer homes turned posh holiday lodging:


Hotel Daniel – Vienna, Austria

Despite the fact that this hotel is actually just one trailer, Hotel Daniel might just be the most luxurious RV in the planet. It’s a 22-foot long Airstream that offers 172 square feet of lavish accommodation with a minimalist appeal. It has a queen-size bed, a tub, air-conditioning, flat screen TV and (wouldn’t you know it?) Wi-Fi connection.

How much for a night?  $150


Kate’s Lazy Desert – Landers, California

The owner of this hotel is the band B-52’s singer Kate Pierson, who personally lived in a cabin in the 1970s. It has six vintage Airstreams that have been beautifully restored to offer guests an exceptional experience. The trailers that made their way to the owner were in pretty bad shape, but Kate commissioned Philip Maberry and Scott Walker to bestow their powers and give their RVs a new lease on life. They were then named Tinkerbelle, Lava, Tiki, Hairstream, North to Alaska and Planet Air.

How much for a night? $175-200


The BelRepayre Airstream and Retro Trailer Park – Pyrenees, France

This trailer park is owned by two former circus performers who claim that it’s “not trailer trash, [it’s] trailer flash!” They have 10 authentic Airstreams that date back to 1940s. Each is furnished in period-style motifs, like the Studio 54 and Safari rooms. They also have kitchens, barbecue facilities, as well as an onsite bar.

How much for a night? $110-116


There are still so many other trailer parks just waiting for you to discover them. By staying in one of these pimped RVs, you can have a retro kind of holiday – something you don’t experience when you stay in a hotel.

Photos by: Terry Bone and David Brossard

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