Athens Tours with Kids – Best Food Tours

Posted by on April 28, 2020

There is no better place than Greece to leave stress behind and relax by the sea. Get to know the Greek islands and their amazing capital with guided tours in your following holidays! Enjoy the sunsets in Santorini, bathe on the beaches of Mykonos, explore the caves of Crete, and climb the Parthenon in Athens. Greece has history, it has sun and sand, and a variety of dishes that will make you feel like one of the gods of Greek mythology. The mortal ambrosia you’ll find in the restaurant scattered all over Athens is truly something even your kids will love and appreciate.

Discover in these tours the monasteries suspended in the sky of Meteora, a World Heritage Site, and one of the most beautiful corners of the country, stay in the town of Delphi, while you marvel at its ancient temple dedicated to the god Apollo, and tour the Olympia sanctuary, where the first Olympic games were held. Book the most original itineraries and spend your next vacation in Greece, a place that is ready to make your trip an experience of relaxation, fun, culture, and endless sunsets by the sea.

If your dream is to spend this vacation in blue skies, crystal clear seas, photogenic sunsets and starry nights, visit Greece! It’s a great destination for families, and your kids will thank you for it.

There ar gastronomical tours for all tastes and needs, and we assure you of a mythological trip, full of unsurpassed landscapes and flavours, that will make you want to visit this European country again and again.

Find your food tour to Greece now and have an unforgettable vacation! Do not miss the opportunity to marvel at the gastronomic offer, the nightlife, or simply enjoy a good wine by the sea.

Tailor made tour

If you are picky or want to make the tour as good as humanly possible, or if you have special requirements or demands, you can choose to go for a custom gastronomic tour through Athens. This is best suited for families as it gives you more control over where the tour will take you while still giving you an authentic feel of the Athens cuisine. For example food tours in Athens by Greek Travel Tellers are tailor made gastronomic tours that leave little to be desired!

Conventional tour

Enjoy the best of Greek gastronomy on this tour of Athens where you will taste gyros, koulouri, loukoumades and much more. Tour the capital of Greece as you sample its cuisine along with your children! The itinerary goes as follows. Starting from Akadimia you will begin the gastronomic tour of Athens tasting loukoumades and other Greek specialties at the street stalls in the area. You will have the opportunity to taste the favorite desserts of the Greeks, you will love them!

Strolling through the center of Athens you will go to a cafeteria in the capital, where you can pick up coffee to go and continue the tour of Evripidou, the street of spices. As you go through this busy bazaar you will be exposed to the Greek customs when it comes to sitting at the table. The next stop will be Varvákios, the Central Market of Athens. In its numerous stalls you will find local products, local specialties, fresh fish and all kinds of vegetables. In the vicinity of the market you can take the opportunity to taste pastourmá, an essential in Greek cuisine.

To finish, you will try the famous gyros or souvlakis and that’s the perfect way to end the gastronomic tour in the surroundings of Syntagma square. The icing on the cake!

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