All the glamour and glitz of the West End at a bargain price

Posted by on October 9, 2013

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Nothing beats a night out in the heart of London’s West End, especially if it includes one of the dozens of hugely entertaining shows that are on offer on any given evening. Some men and women may not be able to afford seats, however, but with discount theatre tickets it is possible to have all the glitz and glamour of the theatre without having to pay a small fortune. One of the most pleasing things about the theatre scene in the UK’s capital is the diversity of shows that are waiting to entertain you. Whether you are in the mood for a great toe-tapping musical, a spectacular thriller, an uproarious comedy or a thought-provoking drama, you can find whatever you want in the heart of London, and at a price that you will be able to afford.

London’s West End

London’s West End

While many people like to book their seats for top shows in advance – and this seems understandable when the play is a particularly popular one – sometimes it can be fun to arrange something at the very last minute. Not knowing what you’ll be seeing ahead of your night out merely adds to the sense of wonder, so it’s good at times to keep an open mind.

Perhaps the greatest night out you will ever have in your life

And if you are in the mood to leave things till the day itself, you should make tracks to a location that has become something of a London institution over the last few decades. The ticket booth in Leicester Square is a must-visit for anyone who is looking to attend a West End show that very evening, especially if they are looking for a much-needed bargain. The Theatreland district of London is as important and popular a tourist attraction as the Tate Gallery, Tower Bridge, Oxford Street and Trafalgar Square. Because of this, those who are clamouring for show tickets will include visitors from all over the world as well as frugal theatre-goers from the UK. Tickets which go on sale tend to sell at an extremely fast pace.

Busy London Nightlife

Busy London Nightlife

As well as playing host to a vast and diverse selection of theatres, the West End can also offer a huge choice of restaurants to hungry visitors. Many people make the most of their trip ‘Up West’ by enjoying a delicious meal either before or after their show, and the good news is that a great many eateries offer low prices to lucky diners who are looking for a good deal. No matter how good the meal might be, however, the true highlight of the night will always be the show itself. A West End play is more than just a nightly show for the punters, it is an interactive experience which can lift audience members right out of their seats and into a world of fun, music, tension and drama. If you are in the mood for a special event, here it is.

London photos: Kordian, etomsen

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