A Foodie’s Guide to the Delectable Destinations in Europe

Posted by on November 18, 2014

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Food is a balm to a hungry soul. But some treats are best experienced where they originate, what with the authentic flavors and taste anyone can truly appreciate. So when in Europe, make sure to take on a gastronomic journey to these destinations:

Lavaux, Switzerland


Make sure to bring a basket of fruits and cheese when visiting this place, as it is known for its excellent wines. Take a pick from the many caveaux or wine cellars and imbibe on what Lavaux has to offer. If you intent to do more than just sample a glass or two, the most recommended providers are the Caveau des vignerons de Lutry and Rivaz’s Lavaux Vinorama.

Amiens, France


French macaron is a popular dessert all over the world, but nothing is as delectable as it is unique than the macaron d’Amiens. It will appeal to a diverse range of taste buds, but most especially the sweet tooth. Make sure to eat one with a thick chocolat chaud for that unbelievable experience. Jean Trogneux is the best place to sample this delectable treat where five generations of traditional bakers have preserved the simple recipe of making macarons.

Vial do Bispo, Portugal


Craving for seafood? Make sure to stop at this concelho (municipality) in Portugal, where an abundant supply of seafood, includes a unique crustacean called percebes. Also known as goose barnacle, it has a juicy snap with a mouth-watering flavor. Your first time would the best time to find out if you love or hate percebes.

Bergen, Norway


This food stop is best saved for last. The Potetkjelleren (‘Potato Cellar’) is one of the finest restaurants in the city, receiving a lot of accolades from food critics. Despite its reputation, however, you’ll see more locals dining here than tourists, which will make your experience more authentic. Not only will you eating Norwegian cuisine, but dining with the locals as well. Talk about immersing in the culture through great food.

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