A dream Trip to Miami – What to see

Posted by on September 14, 2017

Miami is an incredible city that hides more attractions than you can imagine. If you are organizing a trip to Miami the first thing you have to do is to know a little more about the city or destination. Here’s some information about the history of the city and the most important places and areas to see.

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The city of Miami is located in the southeast of the peninsula of “Florida” and is the ninth city of the United States in terms of the number of inhabitants in its metropolitan area. This city is known worldwide for the numerous movies that have been recorded in its streets, such as “2 Fast 2 Furious”, “Bad Boys II”, “Miami Vice” and many more. A mistake that is commonly made is to confuse Miami Beach with the city of Miami. When referring to the first, we think it is a beach or some of the areas of the city of Miami, but in reality it is a city in itself within Miami.

What to see in Miami

Downtown is the financial district which is made up of numerous skyscrapers that leave a spectacular image when viewed from the bay. There are places like Bayside Marketplace or the Freedom Tower, which are well worth a visit.

Little Havana is the Cuban corner of Miami. It combines the most authentic aspects of Cuba: culture, gastronomy, music and lifestyle. When you visit this little piece of Cuba you cannot miss its most famous street, Calle 8, as well as Domino Park, the walk of fame in which you can photograph yourself with the stars of the most representative Cuban artists such as Celia Cruz or Gloria Estefan.

Miami’s Wynwood Walls and the designer’s district should be the mecca of every street art enthusiast. This outdoor exhibition is created and directed by Tony Goldman who created part of the artistic development of the SoHo neighborhood in New York.

Undoubtedly, even if you’re not a fan of basketball, you cannot leave Miami without watching a game of the Miami Heat, one of the most important teams in the NBA, where have played great figures such as LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal or Dwyane Wade.

What to see in Miami Beach

South Beach is undoubtedly the most famous and recognizable place in Miami Beach. This area includes the most representative enclaves of the place, such as Ocean Drive, the Art Deco district, Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue. South Beach is located directly across from Ocean Drive and is much more than just a beach. It is the focal point where the best Volleyball tournaments and the most interesting concerts in the city take place. Ocean Drive is one of the most important streets of Miami Beach, something like New York’s Times Square.

In it all the topics on Miami become reality: sculptural bodies skating along the promenade, dream beaches, tropical cocktails, Latin music at full volume and buildings with Art Deco style.

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