8 Reasons Aparthotels are Perfect for Travelling with Children

Posted by on July 28, 2021

Holidays are the best moments when family members get time to spend with each other. It allows family members to relax and unwind while enjoying every bit of time. On top of picking the most convenient destination, it is vital to choose a suitable accommodation facility. The wrong choice of accommodation, mainly as a family, can ruin the whole experience, making the stay uncomfortable, leading to stress.

Aparthotels are becoming popular each day since they offer both hotel services and accommodation facilities. Below are the main reasons aparthotels are perfect for families with children.

Main Reasons Serviced Apartments are Ideal for Families with Children

Breakfast in hotel

1. Affordable

Renting a hotel room for your holiday can be a little costly compared to serviced apartments. Hotel rooms charge depending on the number of people, while serviced apartments charge depending on the duration of stay. Serviced apartments resemble your home and allow you to live together with your kids under one roof. This way, you can monitor their movements while keeping them comfortable.

2. Allows for Home Cooking

Aparthotels come with a fully furnished kitchen that allows you to prepare meals for your children rather than going to the restaurant. You can easily prepare some of the family’s favourite foods at a cheap cost. The serviced apartment allows you to take control of what you eat.

Relaxed children swim in pool together with boat in hotel

3. Maintain Normal Family Routine

Living in one room with children helps you maintain the regular family routine. Maintaining the usual family routine enables children to feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar place.

4. Hotel Amenities

Most serviced apartments come with hotel facilities such as a gym, swimming pools and restaurants. They also have a designated area for children to play.

5. A designated Place to Relax

As an adult, you need to find time to relax with your spouse without disturbing the children while asleep. Serviced apartments have separate bedrooms for children and adults. Once the young ones go to sleep, you can relax and enjoy personal time with your partner.

6. Equipped with Entertainment Facilities

Similar to your home, aparthotels have excellent entertainment facilities such as TVs and music systems. Children can enjoy their favourite TV programs away from home, making them feel comfortable.

mother and son with smartphone in bed at hotel

7. They are Spacious

Most aparthotels are spacious and can accommodate you together with the children. You can choose the size depending on the number of children since they come in one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. Serviced apartments are larger than most hotel rooms.

8. Provide more Comfort

Serviced apartments provide a feel-at-home feeling by incorporating unique furniture, artwork, and other accessories to make your stay more comfortable. Children enjoy beautiful sceneries making serviced apartments the ideal accommodation for your holiday.

Book a Serviced Apartment for your next Holiday

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