8 Questions to Help You Decide on a Cruise

Posted by on March 9, 2019

Are you thinking of booking a cruise but are not sure which one or for which destination? Then read the following questions out loud and answer honestly. They will help determine which cruise suits you best. It’s a vastly different experience sailing onboard a P and O Cruises ship, and a mini cruise between three islands in the Mediterranean.

What are the advantages of a cruise trip?

The ship is an experience in itself. It has the ability to reach places only accessible by water or to navigate at night to the next destination and meanwhile you get to enjoy the amenities on board. Also the comfort of not having to unpack and pack each time you change destination.

What should be taken into account for the first experience?

It is very important to know the type of boat you’ll be on. As a tool, you can use the chains of hotels that you like as reference and compare them with the offer of boats in which you are interested. The occasion of the trip is also important to be able to identify the ideal boat and route: vacations, beach, culture, food, activities, if you will travel with your family or partner, with children or adults only. The percentage of people who cruise and repeat is very high, close to 71 percent.

What is the best time to travel by boat?

We can do it all year, the Caribbean and the South Pacific are destinations that are visited from November to March or April, although the Caribbean really has departures throughout the year. One of the most requested is the Mediterranean, as is the Adriatic, Baltic, the fjords, the British Isles, Greenland, Iceland and Alaska. These are destinations that are visited from May to the beginning of October. All year long there are ocean liners that go from New York to London. In Autumn there are incredible tours in Canada and the West Coast of the United States.

What can not be missing in a cruise trip?

The gastronomy. It is a common denominator in all the cruises of both river and sea. All offer different proposals and styles of cooking. Many have formed alliances with the most important chefs in the world to offer their guests the highest quality and variety of food and beverages.

What advice would you give travelers to take better advantage of the experience?

Read about the destinations, about the boat they will take and the options offered, you can make reservations for activities and restaurants before boarding. Book land excursions ahead of time.

What do you need to take into account when choosing a cruise?

You need to know what you are looking for, whether you want large ship or a more intimate one. If you want luxury, adventure, and how many days you want to travel. Now there are many shipping companies that offer you exactly what you are looking for, you just have to know what experience you want to live and what your budget is.

What does a cruise offer young people?

In addition to good deals on drink packages and “all you can eat buffets”, the ship has 24/7 entertainment. Bars, restaurants, shows, swimming pools, jacuzzis and excursions in the ports of arrival at an exceptional price. And not only that, it also gives them the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, starting with the staff. It’s fun and culture in one trip.

What are the advantages of a cruise trip?

Besides the convenience of not having to worry about transport and the wide variety of gastronomic and entertainment options, there are certain destinations such as the Norwegian fjords, Alaska or southern Patagonia that exploring from the water is much more interesting than doing it by land and access is also easier.


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