7 Things to Do in Las Vegas

Posted by on December 16, 2019

Are you in Las Vegas for an express wedding, on a wild weekend or on a family trip and don’t know what to do and see in the city? Do not worry, this list with the best plans will brighten your stay. You will find from the main attractions to the most impressive shows and the best restaurants for when you need to regain strength. To get to experience all of that at your own leisure we recommend that you try Car rental in Vegas. It will improve the trip greatly. The City of Sin is full of incredible events and today we’ll help you not miss anything.

Catch a live star

The changing trends of the entertainment world cause that, today, The Strip is populated with fewer new production shows and more resident artists: a list of musicians and bands that are installed in the auditoriums for extended stays, which move the experience of a great show to a more intimate representation. Every time you visit Las Vegas, someone will offer their show, so check the calendar and book your tickets to see Celine Dion, Elton John, J. Lo, Cher, Bruno Mars, Backstreet Boys or Reba, Brooks & Dunn in concert.

Visit the whole world without leaving Las Vegas

Many of the most absurd themed hotels in Las Vegas pay homage to important sites around the world that would seem tacky anywhere else. Do you want Paris and the Eiffel Tower? Try Paris Las Vegas. Venice? There are gondolas and a square of San Marcos in the Venetian. Head to Bellagio for an erupting replica of Lake Como in Italy. The big Apple? New York-New York has a Statue of Liberty so compelling that it once ended up on a postage stamp by mistake. Even Detroit has its themed casino, courtesy of Fremont Street’s D, where you can take a hot dog on American Coney Island or have a coffee from the famous Michigan Zingerman’s. This is the magic of Las Vegas.

Take a sip from a $10 million winery

One of The Strip’s best kept secrets is hidden from the naked eye: the Rio wine cellar and its tasting room, home to a $ 10 million treasure that includes a vertical collection of Chateau d’Yquem and a bottle of Madeira direct from Thomas Jefferson’s personal stash. They won’t let you uncork that bottle, but there are many options to buy and try, both for beginner fans and for experienced winemakers.

Practice hiking

Las Vegas visitors are often surprised to discover that Las Vegas is not an ostentatious city of six and a half kilometers lost in the middle of the desert. The city is surrounded by mountains and canyons that offer wonderful excursions throughout the year. To reach them we recommend going in your own car or one hired by Miles Car Rental, as reaching the following trails is difficult with public transport. During winter, visit the Red Rock National Conservation Area, where the walls of reddish rocks are dotted with climbers and trails that lead to lovely ravines. In the summer, head north to Mount Charleston, that is almost 3,600 meters tall: cooler temperatures, bristlecone pine forests and sweeping views of the valley.

Take a tour of the Peppermill’s Fireside Lounge

If you have not been to the Peppermill, you have not really been to Las Vegas. Drowned in black light, attended by waiters in long dresses and full of foliage and false mirrors, Peppermill’s Fireside Lounge is a glorious memory of the days when the disco dominated the dance floor. Meet your friends at one of their cozy tables and order a plate of nachos and the famous Scorpion Bowl.

Visit the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is of great importance in both the history of Las Vegas and its geography, and the 221-meter-high curved cement facade makes it an impressive sight, whether you take a guided tour, walk to the bridge or just watch it from a boat on Lake Mead. 21,000 men worked for five years to build the powerful dam on the Colorado River, and it is worth stopping to see the fruits of their labor.

Eat some of the best pieces of meat in the world

Today, most people have heard of kobe beef, but despite what they make you believe in your local restaurant, few people have really tried it. This is because only a few restaurants across the United States have permission to sell this excellent Japanese beef that melts in the mouth, and three of them are in Las Vegas. You can find certified kobe at the José Andrés ’Bazaar Meat in SLS, the SWS Steakhouse in Wynn and the Jean Georges Steakhouse in Aria. If you are a fan of good meat, the best meat restaurants in Las Vegas are your ideal destination.

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