7 Most Ego-Boosting Beach Songs

Posted by on January 16, 2014

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By Mia Lajos*

The beach is the pivot of most holidays, and rightly so, as sea and sunshine are generally the number one reason for a getaway. For some of us, however, it can be a daunting thought to expose our little imperfections to strangers.

Beach Songs

Beach Songs

Thankfully, Southern Comfort has come to our rescue. Their Whatever’s Comfortable advert, featuring the charismatic 1970 song Hit or Miss, show us what you need to make any beer-bellied Magnum look-alike become the king of town. Here’s how you pull it off. Nobody will care about the extra pounds or nose hair when you show the right attitude. And the key to that is the right soundtrack. Here are the 7 most powerful songs for your ego-DJ!

1. Odetta – Hit or Miss

Taking the cue, the widely unknown song has gotten new recognition through the ad. Its powerful message is delivered by an equally powerful voice. A hypnotising base joins the pulsing beat before Odetta’s velvet voice coats the mix – she could sing about anything and it would be a great song, but she sings about the trickiness of staying true to yourself, a worthy message to those tunes.

2. Pink – So What

The most badass woman in pop music (no, I didn’t mistype Lady GaGa somehow) knows how to show those mainstream types their place. She defied the typical image of a pop starlet from the very beginning with her empowered style and lyrics. The message is loud and clear: be who you are, be real and have fun with it. Tomboys can be sexy, pixies can build sand castles, so what?

3. George Thorogood and the Destroyers – Bad to the Bone

This song is so cool, its notes come chrome plated and polished. No wonder, since it’s on the soundtrack of one of the most influential action movies of all time, starring Arnie McSteelbones and a shotgun, not even that awkward Austrian accent can diminish the effect of that world-famous riff. With this song, you’ll feel like you could survive nuclear fallouts naked without so much as a scratch.

4. Tito and Tarantula – After Dark

Irresistible and seductive, full of sensual mystery and adoration – your inner goddess will sway her hips to this intriguing melody that created the legendary scene of a table-dancing Selma Hayek drip-feeding beer form her foot into Quentin Tarantino’s mouth in From Dusk Till Dawn. The secret ingredient to a sexy walk down the beach is to take your time, savouring the looks that are following your every step.

5. Steppenwolf – Born to be Wild

The title says it all, but just in case there is a misunderstanding the lyrics make it clear: Looking for adventure and whatever comes our way, taking life as it happens is the essence of this song. The sound of the generation that expressed their discontent with old-fashioned attitudes and celebrated individualism is the perfect fuel for your inner Harley. Take your new laid-back attitude out for a cruise along the beach and become an Easy Rider.

6. Aretha Franklin – Respect

A defiant glint in your eyes, you will walk that strip of sand with your head held high. This funkalicious hymn of empowerment has been the soundtrack of generations that broke all kinds of chains, so use its energy!

7. Bill Conty – Gonna Fly Now

Heroes have never had a better theme tune than in this legendary tale about being the best you can be – Rocky’s anthem is an energetic cocktail of epic trumpets and driving chords. A simple stroll along the beach won’t be good enough anymore, the stakes have been raised!

*About the author: Professional daydreamer and easily distracted by pretty things, Mia Lajos has a knack of cherishing the little details that make life worthwhile. Perpetually fascinated by the off-beat unusual and the daring, she currently engages her creativity as a resident blogger for Kenwood Travel Blog.


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