6 Ways Traveling Around the World Can Change Your Life Forever

Posted by on June 30, 2015

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This planet is so big that you won’t run out of things to discover and places to see. That’s why it’s almost a crime not to get out of your comfort zone and see what the world has to offer. Besides, traveling can change you forever.

You make connections with people whom you can ask help from in the future. It all starts with a drunken session at a local bar or in your hostel. Then, you’ll learn more about each other and promise to keep in touch. In the future, these connections will come in handy, like being your host, your tour guide or even your cook when you visit their country.


You learn a thing or two about their travels, inspiring you to visit a particular destination. Most of the people you will meet will have loads of stories about the wonderful countries they’ve been. These will then inspire you to explore the place yourself.


You get to unleash the adventurer in you. When you’re with a bunch of adventurous and spontaneous globetrotters, you’ll be tempted (or forced) to join them. But you’ll be thankful you did because you’ve had the best times of your life.

You realize the importance of being able to immortalize every great moment. It’s not every day that you get to skydive in New Zealand, cross the Amazon River or explore Angkor Wat. As you meet more seasoned travelers, you’ll learn that it’s important you have a good camera yourself for capturing those precious moments you make with your new friends.


You learn to cook new dishes and appreciate local cuisine more. You’ll be more adventurous with your food choices, whether at home or in a faraway country. You’ll even be amazed at how you didn’t hesitate to taste a frog leg or stewed snake.

You come to appreciate the simple things. By being able to meet new people, learn new things and see how other people live, you’ll be more appreciative with what you currently have. In other words, you’ll be content with life’s simple pleasures. After all, some of the best things in life come in the most modest of forms.

Soldiers from 4-23 Inf. go over Husum Falls on the Hood River. ÒAfter establishing a whole year of having that adrenaline, they need to be trained on the actuality of getting rid of it and the knowledge that they may not get rid of it, but there are safe activities to create that rush,Ó said Amiia Coffey, Warrior Adventure Quest program manager.

Photos by: Frontierofficial (3 images) and U.S. Army

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