6 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Wanderlusts in Your Life

Posted by on November 27, 2014

Travelling, they say, is the best form of relaxation. It’s the best kind of break anyone can have. That’s why you must have a ton of friends or family members who are self-proclaimed wanderlusts.

Since Christmas Season has just kicked in, you should start taking note of the perfect presents to give to loved ones. And for the girl friends, cousins, aunts and nanas who love to travel the world over, wouldn’t it be nice to gift them something that reminds them of how wonderful the planet is? Here are a few suggestions we came up with:


1. A wall decal of the cities or countries your friend or relative has been to. You can have it custom-made by a wall sticker specialist to make it more personal.

2. A lovely travel journal. Do you have a friend who writes or blogs about his or her world adventures? Instead of having him lug around his laptop or notebook, why not suggest he chronicle it the old school way – through a journal?


3. Vintage magnets or coasters printed with local attractions of different cities. If the recipient collects souvenirs of their escapades, they’ll surely love a picture or Phuket Beach in Thailand, Angkor Wat in Cambodia or the giant Jesus Christ Statue in Brazil. If you can’t find any in thrift shops, you can have pictures edited to look more retro and then printed on magnets or DIY coasters.

4. Travel-inspired jewelry. This is great for those who love to accessorize. You can buy a ring that’s emblazoned with a travel-related quote, a necklace with a globe pendant or a bracelet with popular vacation symbols or objects like the Eiffel Tower for Paris, the Statue of Liberty for New York City or a pair of flip flops for the beach. You can also consider adding an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning device along with your jewelry when you are backpacking for vacation. These portable devices (get more information here) will help you in cleaning your rings and other items at home and even when you are travelling.


5. A scratch map that lets them mark the destinations they’ve been to. It’s a fun way for people to be reminded of how far they’ve traveled. It can be inspiring as well.

6. A travel fund jar. What better way to give your wandering friend or sister a little push to make her realize her travel dreams than to encourage her to save up for her adventures. You can put in a few bucks into the jar to give her a good start.

These are what a lot of people have given to their travel-aficionado loved ones. By taking time to choose the best gifts for them this Christmas, it’s like telling them they should go on and conquer the world.


Photos by NattuepSos .deLajon Tanganco and Nicki Varkevisser

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