5 Top Ranked Business Class Airlines

Posted by on September 20, 2017

As a rule, air companies used to fight for each customer regardless of the chosen class of cabin. Nevertheless, those who opt for advanced products offered on the board of an aircraft are more valuable for air carriers to demonstrate their status. Hence, versatile business class airlines ratings aim at helping people make a proper choice and find a decent business class flight deal.

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A regular air journey cannot be analyzed according to one parameter since passengers are usually provided with a set of services without mentioning miscellaneous subtle but essential features like amenities, seat control, IFE and so on. On this account, the web is filled with versatile business class airline rankings that can be done with a biased approach. At the same time, two individuals can conceive an air trip in different ways even if they fly in the same cabin.

Nonetheless, the present business class airlines ranking is absolutely unbiased and made with reference to multifarious feedbacks and opinions of people regarding convenience and privileges delivered to premium guests on the board.


This air company from UAE deservedly holds the first position among the best ranked business class airlines throughout the globe. Some of the readers may argue and offer another candidate for the Number One title. However, the popularity and customer’s opinion on the air carrier is the best evidence of its leadership.

Flying in a high-class cabin of this brand is more than a privilege. In addition to accustomed features like seat-bed, increased privacy and restaurant menu, passengers experience uncustomary features including a mini-bar and miscellaneous constructional outfit for the improved accommodation.

Emirates’ Major Chaser

This company has all grounds to move out the front-runner of our business class airlines ranking and take the first position. Obviously, there is only one brand possessing powers for this. It refers to Etihad. The main argument for its superiority in the sky is a business studio. Etihad Airways decided to exclude the accustomed name and notion of upper class and introduced this unique product. Unfortunately, this special project cannot be encountered on all Etihad’s aerial vehicles but on flagships only. However, it is not the only reason why this company is referred to best ranked business class airlines.

Hong Kong’s Treasure

Excellence on the ground and in the sky is the perfect characteristic of Cathay Pacific. The company is a true rival to the UAE grandees. Although the set of features offered to clientage is almost the same as in previous airlines, the company knows exactly how to excite its guests and cause them refuse from other air companies in own favor. Besides, lounge areas by Cathay deserve a special attention and mentioning in all business class airlines ratings.

Korean Air

It may sound weird, but another decent company, which is an estimable representative of best ranked business class airlines, does not originate from the USA or the Old World. Another Asian air carrier proves its highest ambitions by providing the magnificent and excellent services for elite customers. The word “comfort” has an absolutely unaccustomed meaning since the company cares about any detail that can be essential for its guests.


We did really want to include Delta or Lufthansa to business class airline rankings but we failed. The reason of the failure is obvious – Singapore Airlines is a superb air carrier that enjoys popularity in almost each part of the globe. Besides, most customers claim that this company provides the best sleeping experience on the board. You may believe or not but the only way to check it is to have a fly with Singapore Airlines.

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