5 Tips for Your Next Trip to Miami

Posted by on August 14, 2019

If you’ve never been to Miami, this is your chance! Miami is a tropical paradise that has the perfect combination of sun and beach that everyone should get to experience at least once. If you already have plans to travel to the beautiful state of the sun, here are some tips to make it possible. Throughout this journey you will know the beautiful South Beach Miami, the first area of ​​Miami Beach to develop. Its streets, the different intermingled styles of its buildings that help to understand the peculiar development of this place. To be honest, Miami is bigger than most visitors expect, and exploring all the best parts can be done more conveniently with a rental car to move around.

Rich in beauty, culture and diversity, Miami receives more than 15 million visitors every year and accumulates travel praise from experts around the world. The city’s location at the southern tip of Florida makes it a must see for beach lovers, and its art deco district adds an extra touch.

For those considering their first trip, here are some Miami travel tips and what travelers should know.


Miami hosts some of the best hotels in the USA known for their services, resorts and picturesque views. Despite how amazing some hotels are, they can also charge some high rates per night. This is especially true during tourist seasons and festival times. As with any popular destination, advance planning helps avoid high rates and increase availability. Those who do not want to compete for a hotel room may want to consider a Miami vacation rental. Vacation rentals usually cost a third of the price of a hotel and offer the same services, if not better. In addition, rentals offer more location flexibility. Visitors will find holiday homes from downtown Miami to South Beach, near Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and the exclusive Fisher Island.

Before booking an accommodation, think about what you need and want during the holidays. Consider the kitchen and dining options, laundry facilities, swimming pools, privacy, security, access to the location, views and prices. All this will help decide if a hotel or rental works better.

Transportation – How to get around

Most visitors to Miami will have to fly to Miami International Airport. Again, planning is key. Check flight deals and travel during non-peak seasons for the best rates. Once in Miami, guests can rent a car, bicycle, scooter, or segway. Public transportation options include train, bus and tram. Taxis, Uber, and Lyft are also available.

Then consider the location of the accommodation and its proximity to nearby activities. Many condos, hotels and houses are located in the city center near beaches, many restaurants and fun things to do. Out of all the options, for long stay and families, the best option is renting a car in Miami. It will be economic in the long run and will afford you the ability to explore this incredible destination freely at your own pace.

What to pack

With a coastal climate and warm temperatures, visitors should pack both for comfort and style. Miami has millions of beautiful people who love to wear the latest fashions and the most modern looks.

Before leaving, be sure to pack: flip flops, comfortable walking shoes, multiple elegant swimsuits, cocktail dresses, and heels if you visit clubs. As with beach vacations, sun protection is a must. Don’t forget a sun hat, lots of sunscreen, trendy sunglasses, baggy and light clothes, lip balm with sunscreen, cover-ups for the swimsuit, beach bag, and a good book. For daily activities and excursions, pack a pair of jeans, shorts, tank tops, sweatshirts or light jackets for cooler evenings. Do not forget toiletries and medications.

Miami Beach rules

In order to keep everyone safe, Miami has specific rules on beaches that visitors must mind. These are the best tips to keep in mind when spending time at the beach:

  • The beaches are closed from midnight until 5 a.m.
  • Lifeguards are on duty from 9:30 a.m. at 6:30 p.m.
  • Not allowed on Miami beaches: fireworks, guns, alcohol, glass containers, fires, vehicles, pets (unless they are service animals), disturbing wild animals, walking on the dunes, etc.

Know the Customs

Each city shows its culture and has customs that newcomers should know. One of the best travel tips in Miami is what to expect that tourists cannot find elsewhere. With its diverse culture and large population, here are the main customs:

  • When you meet a new person in Miami, direct contact is a common custom.
  • Do not double tip! Many attractions and restaurants add tips on bills instead of the employer. Pay special attention when dining on the beach, as there may be a tip and a beach tax added to the bill.
  • Drivers and walkers take precautions. While driving, visitors can see cars that travel at normal speeds and others that go below the speed limit. In addition, Lincoln Road is 100% pedestrian friendly, cars, buses, or carts are not allowed.

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