5 Things to Do With Children in Los Angeles

Posted by on November 14, 2019

From snow leopards at the zoo to miniature city facilities and dark bowling, Los Angeles is full of spectacular activities that you can book to make the most of your family vacation. So, if you are thinking of visiting Los Angeles with your children, take a look at our guide to some of the best things to do in Los Angeles with children. One of the first things you’ll have to decide is how you’ll move around and a rented car in Los Angeles is probably one of the most recommended options when it comes to moving between different attractions with family.

Watch a movie at the El Capitan Theater

With a billboard that includes many of the latest Disney movies, as well as classics as endearing as The Return of the Witches, Flubber and the Mad Professor or Who Cheated Roger Rabbit?, Going to the El Capitan Theater to watch a movie is required for anyone wondering what to do in Los Angeles with children. With a history dating back to the 1920s, El Capitan was the largest legitimate theater in Hollywood before its transformation into cinema in 1941. Although the Walt Disney company restored it completely when it was purchased in 1989, spectators who spend the afternoon in it can still experience all the glamor and ostentation of the Dry Law era.

In addition, the theater offers visits where children can explore the auditorium, access the backstage space and learn everything about the history of the venue. Go on Tuesday to benefit from special prices or opt for the combined movie plus dinner.

Let them run around Griffith Park

If you don’t know what to do with children in Los Angeles, one of the best and cheapest activities is to go out to meet Nature in Griffith Park. With an area of ​​4210 acres, it is one of the largest municipal parks with urban virgin land areas in the United States. And the attractions it offers do not disappoint: with pony rides, roundabouts, a classic railroad and an equestrian center, there will always be something fascinating to please the little ones.

If you travel with somewhat older children and you already have hired a car with Viajemos.com, why not choose one of the four tracks that lead to Mount Lee and hike in Griffith Park? With a stellar view of the Hollywood Sign at the opposite end, it’s a great way to make teenagers tire out and at the same time take a family photo with an iconic Los Angeles attraction.

Paint in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

The LACMA, which opened in 1965, houses a collection of more than 135,000 objects that shed light on 6000 years of art history from new and unexpected perspectives. Composed of five separate buildings, which each house fantastic works of modern art, families can easily spend an afternoon here exploring the different galleries and exhibitions and deciding which piece is their favorite.

We recommend visiting Urban Light, a collection of old street lamps that has already become one of the museum’s most famous facilities, and organizing a treasure hunt in search of Andy Warhol and Picasso’s paintings. They will also want to see the original Japanese Pavilion and Metropolis II, a work of art designed to simulate a small city. One of the most fun and inspiring things to do for children in Los Angeles.

See who does more strikes in Pinz

Bowling is an activity in which the whole family can participate, and the best place in Los Angeles to do so is probably Pinz. With 32 tracks available, you will find an electrifying atmosphere in which professional bowlers share the space with families and groups of friends who come to enjoy an uncomplicated activity. It is known that his clientele includes many celebrities, so be sure to take a look around as you might find your favorite celebrity.

To give a classic twist to an already fun game, you can also reserve a track to play “in the dark”, an experience that will certainly bring out your competitive vein. One of our favorite recommendations of things to do in Los Angeles with children; It also includes recreational machines, aero-hockey and pool tables to play your own tournament or kill time while waiting for a free track in the busiest hours.

See the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo

With more than 270 species of animals, of which 58 are protected species, in the Los Angeles Zoo which is a great place to take children. Open from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, every day of the year except Christmas, it is a perfect option to incorporate into your itinerary regardless of when you visit the City of Angels.

It is undoubtedly a favorite activity among animal lovers, who can spend the day exploring the immersive exhibition on the American rainforest, visiting Asian elephants, watching Komodo dragons or marveling at some of the most exotic and difficult to find animals, such as snow leopards, Sumatran tigers and the mountain tapir.

Whether you choose to select one of our suggestions of the best things to do in Los Angeles with children or if you prefer to try to discover your own hidden gem, in the city there are many things to do to keep the little ones entertained throughout the day.

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