5 of the Best Rivers You Need to Go to for Tubing in America

Posted by on June 27, 2015

Summer gives you an excuse for drinking beer all day to quench your thirst and beat the heat. But nothing feels quite like drinking and tubing down a river in the United States.

If your idea of a fun-filled summer is tubing and drinking, here are four of the best rivers you should check out this season:

Truckee River, Reno

This part of Sierra Nevada is usually famous for the best whitewater rafting experience, but its calm waters is also perfect for a day-long cruise while sipping on a canned booze and just enjoying the scenery. There will be small boats that will try to spray you with squirt guns as you float by. But don’t worry they’re just trying to get your attention so you can join them on board for more beer.


Snoqualmie River, North Bend

If you’re looking for tubing excitement, then Snoqualmie is the place to go, if you don’t mind the cold water, that is. Here, you’ll be floating through stunning scenery in the Pacific Northwest. Plus, there are rope swings on the banks for you to show off your diving skills.

Guadalupe River, New Braunfels

This is probably the most famous tubing destination in America, as its river continues to draw tubers from all over the country. And as long as you clean up after a booze cruise, it’s completely legal to drink while you go tubing through Southeast Texas. People along the route are also known to hand tubers beers, if they’re not pulling pranks with fake alligators and spikers.


Yampa River, Steamboat Springs

Yampa River is the only free-flowing river in the state, which means that your tubing experience will not be obstructed by dams or diversions. The cruise will start at the headwaters of the White River National Forest and end towards the middle of Steamboat Springs. If you’re a first-timer, you’ll love it here because most of the side creek runs are rated Class IV to VI.


Chipola River, Marianna

The Chipola River in Florida is a massive, lazy body of water. During summer, this place will be packed usually by students from Florida State University, which is why it’s a nice destination to pick if you want to meet new people or hook up with a few. The natural beauty of the place is also another reason many tourists and locals go here to go tubing.


Photos by: Jessica “The Hun” ReederDustin Larimer, and Joe King

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