5 Must-See Neighborhoods in Toronto

Posted by on May 9, 2018

While ethnically diverse, Toronto is known for welcoming tourists with open arms. Locals love their city and show it off with pride to those visiting. The neighborhoods of Toronto all show different sides of its myriad blending of cultures and interesting histories. When visiting Toronto, you’ll want to experience these five neighborhoods.


The University of Toronto calls the Annex neighborhood home, and students enjoy an eclectic mix of pizza places, sushi restaurants, cozy cafes, and pubs. When visiting the Annex neighborhood, be sure to stop by Casa Loma. The only castle in Toronto boasts 98 rooms and construction was completed in 1913. Today, Casa Loma is a museum and visitors can enjoy guided tours. If you’re looking for upscale, try one of the IHG hotels in the Annex area, so you can feel like you’re a local while in Toronto.


If you are looking to take in a bit of sunshine or challenge some friends to a competitive game of volleyball, the Beaches neighborhood of Toronto should top your list of places to see. Take a stroll on the boardwalks at any of the four beaches in the neighborhood: Kew, Woodbine, Balmy, or Scaroboro. Lake Ontario offers spectacular views of the sunrise so grab a spot on the beach or even one of the nearby parks to snap a photo or two.


The preserved Victorian homes of Cabbagetown will take you back in time as you stroll through this historic Toronto neighborhood. As one of the largest areas of preserved Victorian houses in all North America, this neighborhood is truly a sight to see. The Cabbagetown Park is a popular destination for picnics or just to stop and take in the surroundings. Cabbagetown offers more luxury with the Crowne Plaza Toronto.


If you’re in the mood for some great, and inexpensive Chinese food, you’ll want to make your way to Toronto’s Chinatown. Open shops selling fruits and vegetables along with shops selling cheap wares give an atmosphere of busy street marketplaces abuzz with activity. You can find some of the best Asian foods to eat on the go or take back to your hotel.

Entertainment District

Image via Flickr by The City of Toronto

You don’t have to go far in Toronto to find the nightlife. The Entertainment District in Toronto offers everything from clubs and bars to live theater and the newest movies. During the day, bring your family along for a multicultural performing arts experience or come after dark to enjoy a whole different side of Toronto’s Entertainment District. If you want to stay close to the action and enjoy reasonably priced accommodations, try the Holiday Inn.

No matter what kind of vacation you are looking for when headed to Toronto, its many neighborhoods give you choices in what to see and feel. Whether looking for a busy Chinatown market or the pulsing music and social experience of the nightlife, there’s something for every traveler. Travel alone or with your family, and you won’t regret a vacation to Toronto.


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