5 Handy Travel Accessories for Female Travelers

Posted by on April 18, 2015

More and more women are now living the life of a traveler. If you too are planning a trip soon, whether solo or with travel buddies, here are a few recommended gadgets you must bring with you. They’re extremely useful for any woman on the road and can save you a lot of discomfort.


Foldable Flats

Packing light is key to traveling convenience. Often though, those platform shoes, boots and sandals add unnecessary bulk and weight to any luggage. To remedy the problem, pack a pair of foldable flats. They take up so little space and weigh next to nothing. And by purchasing a versatile and highly comfortable style, you can ditch other footwear and further reduce baggage weight.

Refillable Travel Bottles


As a woman you’d need your moisturizer, lotion, shampoo and other beauty liquids. Again, to not go beyond reasonable luggage weight, be smart about packing your toiletries. With these bottles, packing light is definitely achievable plus you’ll be more organized and spillage, which can be a nightmare, will be avoided.

Travel Bag Insert

Can help you get even more organized when packing. With this product, you can easily find what you’re looking for, which is a lifesaver when you’re pressed for time at airports and hotel rooms or while riding buses and trains.



This gadget is perfect for women concerned about dry hotel rooms leading to dehydrated airways. Really, who wants a dry throat or a coughing fit while on a holiday? Thankfully, there are now many humidifiers built for travelers so finding one is easily done through online shopping.

Foldable Mobile Phone Charging Platform


Having your phone die on you while in airports or at bus stops can be problematic. With this charger, however, all you have to do is find the nearest socket and charge away. More important, you don’t have to keep holding onto your phone while it’s charging and you don’t have to put it on the floor either. The charging platform is a nifty device that’s all about convenience. Start shopping for these travel accessories now and make your trips even more rewarding.

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