5 fashion tips for trendy travellers

Posted by on August 29, 2017

While rough and ready travellers focus more on the practicality of their clothing choices, others insist on a soupcon of style.

But if you choose carefully it’s reasonably simple to sift out clothing items that are useful and fashionable.

So here are five fashion tips to keep trendy travellers looking fierce.


If you’re travelling to a cold climate you’ll need a good waterproof jacket, regardless of what activities you’ve got planned.

Bubble jackets keep you wonderfully warm — but their bulky design means they’ll take up most of your suitcase.

But a lightweight parka from a supplier like Hunter looks great, protects you from the elements and can be rolled up and stashed discreetly in a small corner of your case.

And it matches well with wellies or baseball boots depending on your travel terrain.


Backpacks are a must-have for any travel fashionista relying on foot power to make their way through city streets or over Alpine meadows.

When you don’t want to wheel a case around and carrier bags aren’t chic enough, a stylish pack helps you keep essential items safe and stores any purchases you make on the road.

Fjallraven rucksacks combine classic retro styling with modern internal features like computer compartments. And they’re available in a range of colours to coordinate with your favourite fashion tones.


If you already have a favoured swimsuit style it should be simple to refresh your wardrobe with a choice from the latest ranges from a variety of brands.

But if you’re not a swimwear aficionado, then carefully consider what style looks good, feels comfy and is suitable for the water activities you’ll participate in.

So, a skimpy bikini might mean maximum exposure for a glowing suntan but a sturdier one-piece is the perfect pick for water-skiing and wakeboarding.

Evening wear

You’ll need to think about elegant evening wear if you’re planning on soaking up the vibes in a brilliant bar or restaurant as you sip sundowner cocktails.

So make sure to pack some clothes that are conducive to mixing and mingling after dark.

AX Paris has a lovely range of affordable and elegant floral evening dresses and pretty patterned playsuits.

And even if you’re not expecting to socialise on your travels, it’s nice to have an evening ensemble option at the ready so that you don’t have to turn down a promising unexpected invitation.


If you’re planning a hiking trip then a sturdy pair of boots is a must-have purchase.

And you might want to carry a pair of heels if you’re planning glamorous evening activities.

But a good pair of trainers bridges the gap between style and comfort — New Balance have a range of women’s walking styles that keep your feet feeling fresh and supported as you pound the streets sightseeing.

If you want to pack a travel wardrobe that keeps you covered for the duration of your trip it’s important to prioritise precisely.

These five fashion tips for trendy travellers will get you primed for the perfect getaway.

What’s your favourite travel fashion item? Share your tips in the comments section.



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