5 Compelling Reasons to Stay in a Houseboat for Your Next Vacation

Posted by on September 17, 2015

If you feel that staying in a hotel or beach resort while you’re on a holiday is overrated, then you should consider booking a different kind of accommodation. For instance, if you’re visiting South Africa in a few months, you might want to stay in a treehouse. This will give you a better view of everything around you. But if you’re traveling to places surrounded by bodies of water, then you should book a houseboat. What is a houseboat?

A houseboat is a flat-bottomed vessel usually with square sides and house-like features. It is typically large and are used as an alternative accommodation. This is an interesting accommodation for tourists who are looking for a different kind of holiday.

But why would you rather stay in a houseboat? What makes it so appealing or so unique?

You’ll have incredible views all the time.

You can sail to different locations, if you wish to. This means that you’ll get to check out tourist spots not every traveler will have a privilege of having.


You can save on accommodation.

Because you can take the whole family or your friends with you, you’ll be able to save money on expensive hotel rooms. Plus, you can cook your food or do your own laundry (provided that the boat has a washing machine), which should save you lots of cash.


You can go whenever you like.

If you want to rent a houseboat during winter or summer, you can definitely do so.


You’ll feel more at home.

Houseboats are usually loaded with everything you will need – bathroom, cooking area, living facilities, entertainment facilities, etc. This should make you feel like it’s your home away from home.


You can have lots of fun off and onboard.

You can go fishing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing and even have a party while on deck. Just as long as you follow any guidelines set by the owner, then you can have all the fun you want.

Photos by: Matthias RippPer Salomonsson,  JithsMcKay Savage

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