4 Tips to Make a Family Road More Fun and Memorable

Posted by on July 9, 2015

When planning a family holiday, remember that half of the fun is spent while you’re on the road. To make sure this part is still full of fun, make sure you don’t commit any mistake. Well, you may have already learned a trick or two as parents but for those who are still new to road tripping with the whole family, it is better to be equipped with the right knowledge before heading out.

Here are some tips you should follow to make it all happen with a blast!

  1. Leave early.

Unlike air travel, a road trip gives you flexibility, but it can also create a lack of urgency to get to the door. One way to solve this is padding your departure time by half an hour, or better yet, one hour if you have toddlers or children who are really slow movers. Also, make sure your gas tank is filled the night before the trip!


  1. Make sure your children’s stuff are high accessible.

Don’t commit the mistake of stocking up everything in the truck of your car. Remember that children would suddenly want to get their hands on their favorite items. So, give each of your children individual bags (which should be close to them all the time) containing their snacks, books, toys, etc. you should also prepare a bag for their trash.


  1. Make sure basic items are packed with you.

Someone’s nose is running, another has cookie-crumb hands, juice are spilled, etc.—these are just some of the gross with children. So, make sure to pack wipes, paper towels and tissues in reach. You can also bring blankets, pillows and other comfy things from home to make them comfortable.


  1. Secure a map.

Traffic can be bad, but a GPS alternative route can be worse (it can be confusing and frustrating). So, it’s important to have a printed map of the areas you’re going to travel. By doing so, you’ll get a big picture of your present location, your destination and possible alternative routes.

Aside from those mentioned above, you should plan your route properly. With all these tips considered, you’re on your way to a road trip that’s free from hassle, more fun and memorable for the whole family. Enjoy and drive safely!


Photos by: Richard P J LambertShane AndersonZach Dischner and eyeliam

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