4 Reasons You’ve Got to Pack Your Bags for Wisconsin Holiday

Posted by on April 4, 2015

The Midwest is amazing – that is known. So, when you’re looking for a cost-friendly destination that provides a whole lot of things to do, then look no further than the very cheery state of Wisconsin. Then again, when you need valid reasons to come visit the state, here’s four of them:

It’s got places that look like postcards came to life 


For one, Door Country has got some really awesome picturesque waterfronts. Also, one of the best trips you can do in get on the car ferry to Washington Island and go fishing, biking or staying in a woodland cottage.

Another great place to be is Devil’s Lake, which is just picture perfect. The state park located in Baraboo Hills offers lots of outdoor activities for you and the family: hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing, hunting and even rock climbing.

It’s a wonderful place for outdoor adventures 


Heading over to Lake Superior gives you access to very impressive sandstone crannies, which interestingly, started forming more than a billion years ago. A great destination during the summer, you can see these structures up close when you go kayaking or take a sunset cave cruise.

The Cave of Mounds is pretty interesting too.

It’s got a great sports atmosphere 


Wisconsin just ended Kentucky’s historic run during the Final Four of March Madness. Those guys are getting heroic treatment whether they emerge champions – they are facing Duke – or not.

But other than college sports, Wisconsin is a pretty good place to catch up with some sports. If you love basketball, there’s the Milwaukee Bucks (doing quite well in the Eastern Division). Football lovers will delight in the Green Bay Packers (who have a cameo in the second Pitch Perfect film). Fans of baseball will appreciate the Milwaukee Brewers and their mascot, Hank (a real dog, by the way).

It’s got a whole lot of cheese 


Whether you buy them at the Dane County Farmer’s Market or eat them (cheese curds), cheese should definitely be on your list when visiting Wisconsin. They even claim to have the stinkiest cheese in the world, Limburger, found in  Monroe City.

The thought of spending a holiday in Wisconsin might not perk up your ears the way New York or California does, but there are a ton of awesome things to see and do in the state and the above are just four of them.

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