4 Reasons Austin, Texas Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Posted by on February 24, 2015

You don’t have to visit Austin just because of SXSW – there are a thousand more reasons the city makes a lovely holiday destination. When the temperatures hit between the 70s and 80s between September to November and March to May, pack your bags and venture on to Austin, Texas!

The food is delicious


Whether you’re a lover of food or just want to sample the best that Texas has to offer, Austin is one of the places to go to. Here, you have the option of taking a food tour – yes, you head that right – or opting to savor dishes from the many food trailers in the city.

If going for the former, book a spot with the Austin Eats Food Tour where you get to visit food trailers, brick-and-mortar restaurants, and breweries. The latter is for when you want to sample just about everything – from sushi to cupcakes.

The football crowd is nuts


Every Saturday during the fall is a day where people express mad love for football. You don’t even have to get tickets to watch the game. All you have to do is find a place to tailgate and experience the Texas passion for sports!


The museums (a lot of them) are free


Not every museum in Austin is free of charge, but there are so many that offer free access that it would be strange not to visit at least one. You can learn so much about history, culture, music and art through the many free museums in the city.


The live music scene is one of the best


There’s a reason this city is called the “Live Music Capital of the World” and it would be a shame if you couldn’t experience it when you’re in town. Whatever type of music you’re into, you’ll most likely find a spot that caters to your tastes.

Food, music, sport and culture – what better way to spend a trip in Austin, right? These are just four activities of the many you can enjoy while in the city. So, we say to you: explore and explore!


Photos by: Steve SnodgrassJ RJims_photos and Thomas Hawk

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