4 extreme sports for your adventures

Posted by on March 24, 2015

Standing at the door of the plane, you feel the wind roaring at you. You’re above the clouds. Everything below is a speck. And, with heavy breaths and a clammy forehead, you’re preparing to plunge towards the solid earth.

Here’s the thrill of extreme sports in a nutshell – that sheer jolt of adrenaline that makes you feel truly alive.

But it’s not all about leaping out of planes. Across the UK, there are hundreds of extreme activities that’ll put your heart in your mouth and adrenaline in your veins.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered together some of the finest extreme sports adventures for you to feast on. Have a look.

Love a two-wheeled wonder

You might not immediately associate the humble Segway with blood-pumping adventure, but they’ve just got a whole lot more gnarly.

At the Segway adventure centre in Chepstow, you’ll be able to take these two-wheeled wonders out for a spin and feel how extreme they can get.

You’ll be taught how to negotiate various winding tracks, race against your mates or go head-to-head against the clock in a crazy time trial.

It’s a great day out – and perfect as a gateway sport into the big, wide world of extreme activities.

Tank, splat, wallop!

Is there anything cooler than driving around in a tank? How about a tank that lets you shoot huge quantities of Dulux at other tanks? Now that’s cool.

And it’s exactly what tank paintball pros Armourgeddon can offer. For a few hours, you’ll race around an old military field in Leicestershire shooting the tanks of your friends.

It’ll require military style planning, strategy, teamwork, precision and a bull’s eye aim to win a battle. But you’ll have plenty of time to perfect your technique – for under £100 you’ll be able to enjoy an entire afternoon riding in these lumbering war machines.


You’ve seen Daniel Craig enjoy it in Casino Royale, you might have even seen it in Kingsman – it’s parkour, and it’s the urban extreme sport taking a nation by storm.

Jumping over rooftops, scrambling across buildings, performing effortless acrobatic ambling through city streets – parkour is about fitness, style and danger.

A taster session in Hampshire will set you back £75 – but with that session you’ll be hooked on the unerring thrill of bounding around cityscapes.

Take the bungee plunge

Bungee jumping is the old classic of the extreme sports catalogue – and it’s great for a reason.

Little beats the feeling of leaping off a bridge, feeling the wind rush through your hair and seeing the earth below you grow rapidly before you, all before being rubber-banded back up to safety.

There are hundreds of locations available for the bungee jumping fanatic. It’s an unmissable experience, so give it a go.

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