4 Best Shopping Destinations in El Paso

Posted by on April 7, 2018

Sitting at the western tip of Texas, El Paso is the biggest city for miles. That makes it a major hub for shoppers looking for something rare or exotic, and so the city’s malls and shopping districts are some of the best around.

Bassett Place

Bassett Place is a single-story shopping mall that sits just a couple of miles away from the city’s airport and just north of I-10. Since airports and major highways tend to attract hotels, Bassett Place happens to be a very convenient location to shop at for anyone staying in one of El Paso’s many hotels. It has a lot of the major clothing chains you usually find in malls as well as a few local stores, and one of its anchors is a Costco.

Downtown El Paso

Image via Flickr by George Barnett

For a more freeform shopping experience, you can always wander through downtown El Paso and take a look at all the stores, restaurants, museums, parks, and entertainments the district has to offer. Officially, the downtown district uses I-10 as the northern border and extends from Ochoa Street in the east to the El Paso train station in the west, and it goes south to the border wall. The city has put a lot of effort into revitalizing this part of town, and these days you can find everything from thrift stores to fashion boutiques and party supplies.

Art and Farmers Market

Image via Flickr by eekim

At the west end of downtown El Paso, there’s something worth singling out. Every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Downtown Art and Farmers Market takes place just across the street from the El Paso train station. The market brings together farmers and artists from all around El Paso to share their creations, and along with the produce, food, and crafts, you can join a class and learn things like yoga, cooking, and how to play an instrument. Thanks to El Paso’s climate, the market is open all year round.

Sunland Park Mall

Sunland Park Mall is another major shopping center, this one north of the University of Texas campus along I-10. Sunland has some impressive architecture and two floors full of stores, plus it has its own cinema for when you want to sit down and enjoy a movie between shopping runs. The mall also has a kids’ play area near the food court, a place where you can drop the kids off so they can have some supervised fun while you try on new clothes. Sunland Park Mall specializes in high-end shops and brands, so it’s definitely worth the trip over.

There are plenty more shopping opportunities than the ones on this list, including other malls, outlets, shopping districts, and everything else you’d expect to find in a major city like El Paso. Still, if you’re thinking of stopping by the city to visit friends, go on vacation, or just see what shopping opportunities the city has to offer, you should do yourself a favor and visit the four spots on this list.


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