3 Ways to Overcoming the Fear and Discovering the Art of Solo Traveling

Posted by on October 22, 2015

Would you like to travel but have the fear of traveling alone? Traveling for the first-time overseas can be challenging enough but being in an unfamiliar place can be add to the pressure. This is a normal feeling especially if you this is something new to you. However, many others like you have been there and succeeded to become solo travelers.

Here are some tips to first time solo travelers:

It is all about preparation. 


Being in any part of the world is just like being in your own country if you know how to act and behave while visiting. The key here is to research about the people and the culture of the country you are visiting. There are certain gestures that might be normal for you but can be offensive for other people with a different culture. See to it that you do your homework. Other aspects to consider are learning local phrases and words to address possible language barriers and knowing what proper clothes to wear.


Don’t be afraid to meet new friends and overcome your shyness. 

Having a bit of shyness is possible especially among people you don’t know. Fortunately, being alone gives you the chance to choose where to stay, which could be a hostel or bed and breakfast, where you can meet other travelers. Surprisingly, you will find most to be friendly and accommodating. The secret here is to just do it and reach out.


Join a group tour. 

If you are afraid to get lost and still feel you are not yet ready, start off with traveling with a friend or a group of friends. If finding a companion is hard, you can also opt to go on a group tour just so you will have a guide and still be on your own, only with other travelers in the group. The secret here is to improvise.


Solo traveling might seem scary at first but once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy the freedom and adventure it entails. And as for conquering your fear, it is the key to discovering the art traveling solo.

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