3 supplements to turbocharge your travelling

Posted by on January 17, 2019

Travelling in unfamiliar cultures is tough.

And while you’re busy getting to grips with Google Maps, poring over foreign language phrasebooks and rushing to make the next plane, train or bus, it’s difficult to keep tabs on your physical and mental health.

But environmentally-friendly supplements are one way to top-up your health while you’re between bases and can’t maintain a diet and exercise regime.

Choose the right products and they might help you feel fresher, more focused and ready to make the most of your adventures.

With that in mind, here are three supplements to turbocharge your travelling.


5-Hydroxytryptophan (try saying that three times fast!) is an amino acid that’s produced by your body — and, according to health magazine Psychology Today, can be a brilliant sleep aid.

Your body uses this acid to produce serotonin — low levels of which have been associated with anxiety, depression and weight-gain.

Studies suggest that people who take 5-HTP supplements consume less calories on average per day because they feel fuller for longer, and as a result, don’t overeat.

Furthermore, scientists have suggested that using 5-HTP in conjunction with other doctor-directed therapies can help you significantly improve your mood — so if life on the road’s making you a little melancholy after a few months, it might pep you up perfectly.

Matcha tea

Matcha tea has been used for centuries in Far-East Asia and Japan for medicinal and ceremonial purposes and according to legend, was said to help monks live longer and meditate more effectively.

It’s now widely available anywhere on Earth thanks to online organic superstores like Kijani Living —  and, other than its spiritual uses, the tea has great health benefits too.

It’s packed with more antioxidants than many other healthy food supplements and since it’s picked after the spring harvest, has a fuller-bodied taste than other green teas. Indeed, it’s said that one cup of Matcha might have the same health benefits as 10 cups of conventional green — and if that truly is the case, then switching to matcha is certainly cost-effective.


In certain circumstances, collagen-II supplements can help with increased joint mobility when you get a little older — it’s been suggested they have an anti-inflammatory effect that can help with side-effects of conditions like  rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis.

The conventional wisdom is that there are no major drawbacks to using collagen supplements — however, minor side effects such as a feeling of heaviness in your stomach, mild diarrhoea and rashes have been reported.

But whether or not you’ve got pre-existing health conditions, you should check with your doctor prior to commencing taking any supplements, and report any adverse side-effects to them immediately.

But by following the right instructions on administering supplements and including them as part of a balanced health regime, they might be a welcome addition to your wellbeing — and ensure you’re primed and fully present when those random magical travel moments occur.

That’s our list! Please add your own travel supplement suggestions in the comments section.

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