10 Savings Tips for Your Next Trip to Universal Orlando

Posted by on August 13, 2019

Only Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure tickets can easily cost several hundred dollars, depending on the size of your family and how many days you plan to spend in the park. This does not include additional holiday expenses such as transportation, car rental, lodging and food costs! Without proper planning and research, a vacation at Universal Studios can be quite expensive.

Fortunately, a little prior planning and common sense is all that is needed to save big on your trip. A trip to the Universal Studios in Orlando is not totally out of reach for those on a tight budget. Following some of the tips below can make your trip more fun and affordable. Feel free to share some of your own advice!

1. Buy Tickets online

Visit the Universal Studios website and buy tickets. The easiest way to save on Universal Studios prices for entrance to the park is to buy your tickets before arriving at the door. You can save up to $20 per person by buying multi-day tickets online. If you travel with a family of four, that is already savings of $80.

2. Examine Package Options

Many resorts offer vacation packages that combine discounted theme park tickets with one room and some packages include other benefits such as free or discounted meals. Most packages require that you stay a minimum number of nights or have date restrictions, but offer significant savings on the purchase of a room and tickets separately.

3. Visit an Exclusive Ticket Distributor

In the Orlando area, stalls and offices of independent ticket vendors are available that offer tickets to Universal Studios at a significant discount. Only buy from authorized Universal Orlando ticket dealers to ensure they are authentic. These agencies advertise on city billboards and can often be found in local travel guides and tourist publications.

4. Buy an Annual Pass

One of the best ways to save money on your Universal Orlando vacation is to have an annual pass. An annual pass does not cost much more than a multi-day park ticket, and your Easter discount at hotels on the site may more than offset the cost of the pass. If you decide to buy an Annual Season Pass or Universal Annual Orlando, you will receive admission from park to park, incredible benefits and access to exclusive events.

5. Rent a car

Renting a car in Orlando for your visit to Universal is one of the smartest things you can do during the trip to save money. Not only will it allow you to move freely, but it will also be cheaper than public transportation if you’re traveling with a family. It will prove even more valuable if you plan to see more of Orlando than just the parks.

6. Consider Buying a Travel Package

If you want to book a hotel outside of Universal Orlando, consider doing so at a hotel that belongs to the Universal Orlando affiliate network and do it as a vacation package. You will end up paying almost the same but with an additional benefit: Early Access to Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

7. Buy the Express Pass While Inside

When Universal Orlando is moderately full, they put up some kiosks that sell Express Passes and place them at the entrance outside the parks. Because these kiosks are so visible they always have long queues. That’s why you should know that there is an Express Pass kiosk a few steps inside the gates of the two theme parks. Kiosks within the park usually have no lines at all.

8. Get Coupon Books

The Orlando Visitor’s Center is the ideal place to get valuable coupon books and brochures from Disney, Universal and other attractions in the Orlando area. You can also find fabulous ideas of things to do not related to theme parks.

9. Reserve Room with Kitchen Included

When staying in rooms that include a small kitchen (mini fridge, microwave oven and 2-burner stove) you can prepare breakfast before heading to the theme parks and when you return at night you can dine something simple or even have a beer, Ice cream or whatever you like while resting as if you were at home. You will easily save hundreds of dollars during your vacation since eating is one of the highest expenses after the plane, tickets and hotel.

10. Hotel or Vacation Home

This is another great option to consider. Stay in a hotel or a holiday home? On one hand you will have a fully equipped kitchen in addition to other services including washer / dryer, single rooms, multiple bathrooms and even a swimming pool. You’ll avoid some of the stress and excessive costs that may arise when trying to secure a vacation home, especially during the high season and on short notice, thinking, researching and planning at least six months (but preferably one year) in advance. While this may seem excessive, keep in mind that vacation rentals (at least the good ones) are usually reserved quickly.

I hope you get the most out of Orlando by following these 10 savings tips for Universal Orlando!

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