10 Best Attractions in Toronto

Posted by on February 19, 2019

Today we have decided to take a look at the top 10 attractions those visiting Toronto cannot miss. They are not sorted by order of importance, as all of them are incredible parts of this beautiful Canadian city. Don’t miss the chance to explore the city, there are some great cheap flights to Toronto currently, so make haste!

CN Tower

The Canadian National (CN) Tower is THE symbol of the beautiful city of Toronto and is one of the most admired engineering works on the planet. There are 2 possibilities of ascent: in the first it reaches up to 346 meters and allows visitors to stand on a glass platform that allows them to look down and feel as if they were flying; in the second one (Skypod) 447 meters are reached and from the 360​​° viewpoint on clear days you get to see the Niagara Falls. For the adventurers there is the option of the EdgeWalk: a walk along the cornice of the viewpoint, supported only by a harness and a cable to the structure.

Ripley’s Aquarium

Canada’s largest indoor aquarium is one of the best family attractions in the city. The Ripley’s Aquarium has more than 16,000 animals, offers 100 interactive exhibits and has samples where you can touch sharks, rays and horseshoe crabs. The visit allows you to enjoy an amazing underwater immersion show. The sensation of traveling the tunnel with the longest underwater vision in North America (with more than 5.7 million liters of water) is indescribable and worth living!

Casa Loma

This gigantic and elegant mansion was built by the eccentric billionaire Henry Mill Pellatt, in 1914. However, its 6,011 m² and 98 rooms, made maintenance costs sky high and ruined Pellatt. The fabulous and original Gothic architecture of this impressive construction makes it a must for tourists, who can get to know some of the magnificent rooms and explore tunnels and secret passages. Impossible to miss a walk through this true “castle” of the Edwardian era.

Lawrence Market

Considered one of the best food markets in the world by National Geographic, St. Lawrence Market stands out for the variety and freshness of the products it offers. Here cuts of meat are obtained (from cow or pig, but also others, more “exotic”, such as buffalo, crocodile, camel, ostrich, goat, deer and kangaroo), seafood, cold meats, vegetables and fruits, cheeses and many other foods and ingredients from around the world. Besides being a place to visit, it is also an interesting option to eat in the Downtown area.

High Park

This is the largest green space in Toronto within the city limits, with 161 hectares famous for its wildlife, rare trees and well-tended gardens, as well as for its sports and recreational activities. In the park there are many hills crossed by paths, it is possible to find different habitats (forest, swamp and meadow). An excellent place 15 minutes west of Downtown to organize a picnic, visit the zoo or play sports.

Niagara Falls

From Toronto, you can go for a full day tour (there are also half-day tours) to get to know this wonder of nature, located on the border with the United States. Although with some differences depending on the duration, the excursion includes a stop at a winery where you can taste the wine made with frozen grapes (icewine), typical of the area; a visit to the picturesque city of Niagara-on-the-Lake; a scenic tour along the Niagara Parkway with photo stops at the floral clock and hydro station; and finally, the arrival at the falls, a boat trip that takes tourists directly to the mist of waterfalls.

Dundas Square

Located in the heart of the Downtown, this square at the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas Street is something like Toronto’s Times Square, because the buildings that surround it have giant screens and the atmosphere is similar to the one lived in the Big Apple, with a lot of lights and the frenetic movement of the city. This square was built as part of a revitalization project of the commercial area and was created from the demolition of a block of buildings. Opposite to Dundas Square rises Eaton Center, the great Torontonian commercial monster, with 5 floors full of shops, restaurants and entertainment.


This is not so much a tourist attraction as a curiosity of city life, designed for the winter months when it is too cold on the surface and almost everything is covered with snow. It is a network of underground galleries (with a total extension of 30km) that connects the main places of Downtown, with direct access to office buildings, transport and has many shops and restaurants.

Royal Ontario Museum

This is the largest natural history museum in the country and the fifth largest in North America. It contains some 6 million items and more than 40 galleries, which include collections of dinosaurs, Egyptian mummies, African and Eastern art, East Asian art, European and Canadian history, minerals and meteorites. Those who do not fear them can “enter” a cave of bats, learn how bats use echolocation and experience a dramatization of bats flying during a nocturnal exodus in search of food.

Toronto Islands

These islands are 10 minutes by ferry from downtown Toronto and are the ideal place for a walk or bike ride and have some unique photos of the amazing Toronto skyline. The islands (in total there are 3) are linked by bridges, so to cross them is simple and highly recommended for those who want to escape, for a morning or an afternoon, the busy life in the city.

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