Why You Should Cruise Instead of Fly

Posted by on October 16, 2014

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With the sudden surge of baggage fees, security measures and crowded flights, there have been many travelers that are already starting to avoid airports and flying altogether. But no, this doesn’t mean they have stopped traveling completely. Perhaps, you have already forgotten there are other modes of traveling. One that you may find more interesting than flying is cruising.


So, what’s so great in cruising?

Save money.

Cruising obviously takes more time than flying but if you do have the time and have no problem spending it at sea, cruising would be ideal for you. The fare is significantly cheaper, leaving you with more dollars to spend on a bottle of fancy champagne while enjoying the casino on board. 

Conduct your business in peace.


Modern cruise ships do not only have Wi-Fi access and internet centers. Most also offer guests access to copiers, fax machines, meeting rooms and secretarial services. Imagine working on a business proposal you’ll need upon arriving in Paris while butlers bring you your sumptuous dinner. Better yet, imagine having a business meeting while out on the sea!

Avoid the hectic airports as well as the baggage fees.


Even busy ports allow for a much easier boarding than majority of the airports today. But what’s even better is that you are allowed to take as many bags and luggage as you want without having to pay additional fees. Just keep in mind though that ship closets and staterooms aren’t typically meant to make room for very large wardrobes.

Relax, have fun and arrive in your best look! 


People arriving from a cruise usually look more well-rested and ready-to-go upon docking. Well, it’s not really surprising because after all, they have enjoyed days of relaxing treatments, entertainment options, long naps and good food. Plus, you’ll be given a plenty of time to organize your belongings before you arrive in your destination!

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