When Travel Blogs Fail You – Be Resourceful

Posted by on August 20, 2015

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Travel blogs have increasingly become a globetrotter’s bible. And this is not entirely a bag thing because most travel blogs are actually quite helpful and informative. However, understand that some content writers are out there merely creating marketing write-ups on behalf of travel vendors, and they can be biased and inaccurate. That’s why it’s not advisable to put all of your trust on travel blogs, unless you’re certain of the author’s credibility.

The Irony of Non-Traveling Travel Bloggers


There’s a hoard of dead-on-arrival travel blogs because the authors behind them are not travelers. Perhaps the farthest they went is the grocery or bakeshop across the road, and that’s it. How could you believe their statements? Creating an itinerary based on an inaccurate or biased travel blog could spell disaster.

Repetitive and Poorly Written Content is Boring


Travel is exciting and fun because it means spending time away from home in a different place, meeting new people and discovering new adventures. But sadly, some travel blogs just can’t match the eureka moments of actual travel because of poorly written and uninspiring content. A travel blog should have posts that beckon readers to visit a specific destination and to embark on a journey outside their comfort zones.

What to Look for In Travel Blogs


One of the measures of a credible and helpful travel blog is a bunch of personally taken photos. They might not be as professional looking as others, but they are the writer’s shots and proves the authenticity of the post.

The content provides lots of insights regarding the destination and not just generic content that anyone can read from wikis. There are no new posts every single day. Credible travel blogs take time to create, and authors spend most of their time away from their laptops, so it is impossible to have new posts every day. Travel blogging is never easy. Authors who say otherwise could just be no more than a couch potato.


Travel blogs fail you, but don’t fret. If you’re resourceful and adventurous enough, you can successfully have that vacation you’ve always wanted. Keep in touch with a local guide or a good friend who has been to your desired destination. Their personal experience with the place, no matter how limited, is better than a lengthy yet faulty travel blog.

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