When Is the Perfect Time to Go on Vacation?

Posted by on October 3, 2014

Want to travel on the cheap? There’s the best time to do this. Want to avoid the crowd? There’s a perfect time to do this, too. Suffice to say that when you time your trip right, your vacation would be fantastic.


So when is the best time to travel?

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During the shoulder season

This refers to the time between the high and low seasons, when travel expenses are neither high nor low, and opportunities to have fun are still plenty. Although you can save more when you travel off-season, it won’t be as fun. Off-season in India, for example, is during the monsoon months, which would make traveling a bit of a hassle. Shoulder season, however, varies from one location to another, much like the low-peak months. In Europe, it’s during spring and early fall.

When work is easy

One reason people go on vacation is to escape the stress that the daily grind brings. But it’s a bad idea to plan a getaway during a busy period at the office. Not only is it unfair to your colleagues who will be left behind to take over your tasks, but you will come home to a pile of work waiting for you. What relaxation you enjoyed during your trip will be quickly replaced with more stress. Worse, you may not have a career to go back to, especially if you’re not that secure in your job.


When school’s out

Are you traveling with school-age children? If you’re a student yourself, it’s also logical to schedule your trip during school vacations. Unfortunately, most of the opportunities you’ll have to travel are the same as everybody else’s. A great solution would be to pick a destination that is less traveled and crowded. Depending on where you’re going, you’re likely to find a beach that is secluded and undiscovered by a majority of the crowd. Do your research beforehand. Traveling during these times is highly recommended. But it all boils down to your budget, time and travel style.


Perfect time to vacation photos by davejdoe, Ed Yourdon and Ziv Turner

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