When Disaster Strikes while You Are Traveling

Posted by on April 28, 2015

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Disaster happens almost without warning, and only the most prepared and perhaps the lucky get out of it unscathed. Nevertheless, some disaster preparedness is the best way to minimize the effects. If you are traveling outside your town or country, you are vulnerable to disasters and accidents, especially if are unfamiliar with the new location. Here are some recommendations what to do when something bad happens before or while you are traveling.



Make sure you have your travel documents with you, which should be valid, filled up and signed accordingly. For reference purposes, notify friends and family members of your trip, and leave copies of your documents with them. Designate a family member and a non-family member as your emergency contact.



Some forms of travel insurance are optional, while some are mandatory. Get ample coverage depending on the type of travel you engage. If you are venturing to secluded or challenging places like mountains or jungles, make sure you have some backup when something happens to you along the way.



Your travel insurance should cover hospitalizations overseas. Keep a list of hospitals and clinics in the area you are visiting. If the need arises, you should be able to contact medical professionals to assist you. Also, do not forget to bring with you a reliable first aid kit and some first aid knowledge.


The unknown poses enough risks, and although new things bring surprises and excitement, it helps to know a bit of the culture, geography, food, people and weather condition of the places you travel. Knowledge of the local scenario reduces your vulnerability to petty crimes such as extortion.



The brain is the best form of self-defense tool. If you are alert, you can think clearly and proactively. It is hard to stay focused and calm when disaster strikes, but try your best to know your options for survival and safety. This will help you and even others to get through an unfortunate event.

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